Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dilettante Blogger's Report on the Weekend

Friday night we stayed in and didn't do our usual BreadCo date.  I would imagine that the workers there were worried about us and probably ruined their evenings wondering if they had done something to offend us.  We have been regulars there most of the Friday nights since that place opened. And as much as I would like to say that has only been a couple of years, it is really more like 6 or 8 years.  I mowed the grass and hubby puttered in the yard in the evening.

Saturday morning I went to 8 am Mass and then to a reunion with some of the members of the December ACTS retreat team at BreadCo.  It feels like a completely different place in the morning. We were having a discussion about Twitter and Facebook and my mouth started to open to say I had a blog when little lights went off and I shut my mouth again.  Here I have spent time worrying about lurky Lous and I almost invited a whole tableful of lurkys.  Really, it is nice that they want to read.  Because not all my stuff is scintilating.  Okay, none of my stuff is scintilating, but I can dream.

I spent Saturday afternoon packing up stuff in the junk room in the bassement.  I sadly doubt that D'Mom and Tami and young Old Woman and Jody Blue will be by this summer to see this stuff and help me with it, so packed it is becoming. I will have to get it back out someday though.

Sunday, we went to 9 am Mass and out for lunch. It was perfect day.  The kind we never have in the Lou in June. It almost makes me forget I live in the South.  On the way home from Mass we saw a couple we have been praying for. He was thought to have a mass in his lungs but it may be a fungus infection.  Praise, God!

The traffic through my backyard has decreased dramatically and it is fun to be out there again.  A family of sparrows has raised a brood and they are consuming seed from the birdfeeder at a tremendous rate.  I like having the peaceable kingdom out there, even with the rabbits.  Although if the new associate pastor wants to do a few in, I won't object.  I wonder if he traps? He is due to join us Fathers' Day Weekend.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Missouri History Museum.  That little trip will give me a post for later in the week.  I am always thinking about the blog afterall.

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Tami said...

I love museums, so I'll be looking forward to your upcoming post.

Sorry to say, you are right. No travels to the mid-section this year. Mr. Nomad and I are heading into the Pacific, the islands that is. We may be hitting some of your old stomping grounds.