Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boring Posts for Saturday

It is Saturday again, time for a boring post.

Here's mine--

In April we drove through Tennessee on the way to Alabama in the nursing home.  On the way home the next day we stopped for lunch.  Our little country restaurant was nestled right in the hills.  It was a beautiful locale.

Next door to the little restaurant, in fact, I noticed some cows.

I grew up on a farm and I often quiz my city boy hubby about the type of cattle we see.  Angus.  These were angus.

 You can tell angus because they are all black.  The one on the back left may be part angus because it has a white head, but part angus at least.  It took our little restaurant a while to fix our meal.  We just had burgers.

The advertising had me more than a little worried about my friends the cows next door.  This McDs seemed to be in somewhat poor taste encouraging us to eat their neighbors. (I had the salad and tea.)


Mary333 said...


Dawn by Design said...

So funny! I love it!!!

Jody Blue said...

What witt!! And what a fun little field trip.

Tami said...

I guess their neighbors weren't aware of the menu choices. They look a little laid back, don't you think?

Amanda said...

What beautiful countryside!

As soon as I read they were Angus cows, I immediately thought of McDonald's! LOL