Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boring Posts for Saturday--De Fence

Saturday again.  Time for a boring post.  Who will read anyway?  Everybody is off having fun in the sun.

Here's mine--

Recently I had a fence put in on my side yard. It is a privacy fence.

It keeps out alligators in the back, even though the alligator is gone now.  This fence prevents it from coming back.
This fence is cedar and is not supposed to be painted or sealed because of the natural oils.  It smells like a cedar closet.

But if it did need to be painted, I have a strategy--

I live in Missouri and the Tom Sawyer method is a proven way to get help painting the fence.


DandelionMom said...

I like that fence! classy! Electric would have been cheaper I bet but this looks better! help me with orientation here-are you standing in the church back yard for the picture or is one of the ones to the side the church? I see why you needed a fence too-properties are CLOSE up on each other!

Mary said...

The middle picture is from the church parking lot where the stairs used to be. You can see a white stain on the wall where they were. Our neighbor owns property right up to ours, but chooses to leave a gap. This causes higher insurance, but we are hoping now that we have fenced, only for him and not for our property. The first picture is from the front yard. Our garage is to the right.

Mary333 said...

I like de fence, too! Not boring...your Saturday posts are funny! Better luck next week;)

Mary said...

Mary333, I keep telling you, my boring posts are, in fact, boring. You are too easily amused. Demand more. I can do better.