Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes, vol 71

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My second week in pain from a pinched nerve in my neck has cut a dent into the fun of summer vacation.  I went to the doctor seeking stronger drugs on Monday.  The drugs worked but made me incapable of driving.   Also I was not really a clear thinker while under the influence of the drugs. And I have arthritis in my neck so I am going to go for physical therapy next week. But on Wednesday of this week after a week and a half of pain, and after the prayer group prayed over me on Tuesday night, I was starting to feel better.  I made it through the day with only one Aleve.

We are having a six foot privacy fence installed on our side yard today.  It should be big enough to keep out "alligators" or for that matter kangaroos (we don't have either of those beasts, but it helps to be prepared). Barring rain the fence should go up today.

We are attending a birthday celebration for an 80 year old priest on Saturday.  He is the youngest 80 year old you would ever want to meet and the dearest friend.  But here is my dilemma--besides a nice note and birthday card, is there anything that one gives an 80 year old priest?  I had considered a donation to his favorite charity or a restaurant gift card.  I just have no idea whether giving something would be appropriate and what that something should be. Ideas anyone?

On the ACTS retreats given at my church one of the talks on the weekend at every retreat weekend is forgiveness.  We have been giving those retreats for 7 years, twice a year each for men and women.  Some people have been on teams for those retreats 6 or 8 times and heard varities of forgiveness talks that would range from forgiving murder and rape to forgiving one's parent or spouse for something.  But in actual practice, I am thinking that most people are forgiveness challenged.  I know that I am from time to time, but I also know that I am called to forgive.  Full stop, forgive.

I finished Elizabeth George's novel This Body of Death while I was down with the neck/back pain.  I love a good British murder mystery.  I started with Agatha Christie while I was in high school and she was still alive.  I am told to read Mrs. Pollafax and if I had one of those I would read.  Maybe I need to hit the library next week.

The year of the priest ends this weekend I think.  We all need to pray for our priests.  They have a large responsibility and a difficult job.  They need strength and protection from temptations as they continue to lead their faith communities.

In my imagination I picture St. Peter at the gate of Heaven with a clipboard greeting me after this life.  On the clipboard would be the list of all my sins and questionable activities.  Answering St. Peter's questions about those numerous things would be Purgatory to me.  I had written a funny (questionably funny) post about that imaginary event for the Boring Posts tomorrow, but have changed it to a purse report.  Proving that once off drugs I have a lot more sense.


Jen said...

Hi Mary,

I think a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or a bookstore (if he's a reader) or even Bread Co (who doesn't love that place?) is a great gift for a priest. We've gone through much of the priest-gift angst in the past year as we've had friends celebrating 20 and 25 ordination anniversaries.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I've heard good things about your new associate. Actually, I'm pretty sure he helped out at our parish as a seminarian. (We're down the street from Kenrick, so we get lots of them around on weekends). It was before we were in the habit of inviting the seminarians to dinner, but his picture/name was familiar to me when I saw it in the Review listing of new assignments. Hope you enjoy him as well as you enjoyed your last associate.

Feel better!

PS... at the risk of turning this into a book, I would love to read your St Peter thoughts at some point. Perhaps you will find a way to make them into a post after all?

Mary said...

I might go on with my St Peter thing one other Saturday. I need to be sure that my attempt to be funny doesn't slam either me or someone else.

Thanks for the suggestion. Msgr. Ed is the only priest we have every been really friends with. So I had no idea what would be appropriate. I was thinking of a Bread Co. gift card. He lives at Kendrick so I don't think that he needs books or things like that.

We have never had an associate for more than 2 years at my parish so there hasn't been time to get to know them well. Perhaps this one will be staying longer. I am looking forward to meeting him.

abroadermark said...

Answering my therapists questions about the things on my list is Purgatory for me. It's nice to know I'm getting that step out of the way in this life. It'll make the adjustment to death so much easier for me. :D

Mary said...

You don't think St Peter will be rougher? Remember you can't lie to him in Heaven.

abroadermark said...

Can you lie in Purgatory? How 'bout hell?

Mary said...

Can't lie in Heaven or Purgatory. But can't tell the truth in Hell would be my guess. Consult a clerical professional for the correct answer.