Friday, June 4, 2010

7 Quick Takes, Vol 69

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts 7 Quick Takes.  It is an easy way to end the week.
Here are my takes--
My hubby is such a good secret keeper and I am not.  I am an open book.  There are things people tell me that I have kept in confidence, I am not a blabber mouth.  But when things are happening in my life, I want to share them, it is my nature.  But, I will try to hold my tongue and bloggermouth for one more week. 
Number one and only son came and helped us stain the deck on Memorial Day.  There was a storm and we didn't finish.  It was hot hard work.  I look forward to someday having a smaller deck.
It is hot in the Lou.  Afterall, I do live in the SOUTH.  But I was looking at the map and I don't really live so far away from the north.  I wonder where the dividing line is?  I hear that it is still cold in Washington state.  Maybe that is where the north goes in the summer.
I am still not done at school with my library job. I have to go back next week or sometime. I couldn't order the newspapers and magazines for next year.  I haven't touched next year's budget and still it says that I am over budget by $276.  So who spent my money is what I want to know?
We will be getting a new associate pastor this month sometime.  Father Joe Classen has written 3 books and been on EWTN.  He hunts.  Too bad there is almost not a stitch of grass on the church property.  I know some rabbits I would like to get rid of though.  I wonder how good a shot he is?  Or whether he traps.

 As I wind down my series on charismatic prayer this coming Wednesday, I have decided to continue with thoughts on the charisms through the summer.  I do a lot of teachings on charisms at my prayer group and I can use that material to continue my Hope Echoes Wednesdays. And I always feel bad when I announce things because 1) then I have to try to follow through, oh, the pressure, and 2) then there exists the strong possibility that nobody will check in to read the thing I announced. Better to surprise you all.  So pretend you didn't read this take and be surprised.
At the Global Day of Prayer in the Lou region a couple of weeks ago, one of the most impressive things to me was the way my non-Catholic Christian brethern and sisters could just whip out the scriptures, chapter and verse.  And while I can quote or paraphrase some scripture and even tell that it comes from Psalms or Romans, memorizing hasn't really been my thing.  I decided that I really want to have more scripture committed to memory than I have already.  To that end I have been working on it.  Sadly, my brain is old and memorizing isn't that easy.  But, I love the challenge and the lesson of it.


Jen said...


I am glad you will be continuing your series on charisms. I am learning so much... and that is always a good thing!


shopannies said...

sounds like you are having a busy time glad your son came to help out

Mary said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. The deck is probably going to sit there this weekend.

My take on the charisms will be from a layperson's view because I don't have a degree in theology.

Dawn by Design said...

I'm not very good at memorizing, either!

Tami said...

Right around 6th grade our ability to memorize slows down. I've noticed this is the first year my girl has out-memorized her big brother. He in 7th, she in 4th. Much to his dismay.
I, on the other hand, just call the kiddos in when I want to remember something important. Let's see, I'll have Bubby home for another 14 years, I think I have time to wait on memorizing. ;)

abroadermark said...

"Bloggermouth" Ha!! I like that.