Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend Saltation

Happy Mothers' Day to you all.  I got back from Q at the same time my son arrived here and we ran out to eat.  So I not only got to eat with my own mother, but also my son.  A good Mom's Day all around.  I had a good trip up to Q and even found a short cut home.  I love a good short cut.  The weather was cool but sunny.  Perfect spring weather and the threatened frost never materialized.

I was thinking of all kinds of lovely things to say on the blog while I was driving home, but they all escape me now.  One thing I did need to start the overdue countdown for you followers of my library travails.  When I left school Friday all books were due.  So I ran a report and I have 618 overdues from students and over 100 books checked out to staff memebers.  I have 12 days of school left.  I am going to be a busy Library Ann.  I may froth at the mouth about the overdues. Isn't that what you all love about me?

I had so many lovely comments while I was away I will just try to catch up with a few here.  The cool sandals I found at Penneys and Kohls.  Didn't tell you all that I found a second pair that is a little more plain, did I?  And you think I tell you everything.  But they can be found online.  I believe they are called Tone ups.   And thanks to all the glad I'm bloggin and I'm so funny comments.  I will have to work at the bloring thing.  I am obviously losing my touch. And the fabulous Dawn said something about my blog changing style techniques and I choose to take that as a compliment.

Everybody would hate me if anybody won the salt and pepper shakers besides Dandelionmom, so she wins. Dandelionmom, email your REAL NAME and address either to the email address you have from my comments on your blog or the one on my sidebar.  I promise not to tell anybody who you are or where you live, but you never know what else I might send along with the "prize package."  Treading dangerous waters you are between poisonous salt and peppers and all.  I'm just saying......


Tami said...

Time spent with your mom and son, that is a very nice Mother's Day. I'm so glad for you.
It was just me & my kiddos most of the day, which was still a nice treat. It makes my heart heavy to think of the first Mother's Day they are all grown up and are not able to spend the day with me.

abroadermark said...

You DON'T tell us everything, Mary?! Oh, I feel so betrayed. :(

Mary said...

I tell you everything, ABM, just not everybody.

abroadermark said...

Oh, that makes me feel SO much better. I think I'll be able to sleep now. ;)

G'night Marsidotes. I'm glad you're my friend.

Dawn Farias said...

And the fabulous Dawn said something about my blog changing style techniques and I choose to take that as a compliment.

Oh my goodness, yes, please take it as a compliment. I never ever intend anything as other than that (and now I'm nervous cuz I don't remember what I said! Sorry...)