Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unabashed Recap of the Weekend

Such lovely comments I have had this past week.  I am thrilled that Jody Blue liked my great grandmother's book.  To me it is a time capsule and I like to think about how it came to be mine. By way of Oklahoma back to Illinois, sitting in my parents barn and then moving around with me.

I have had positive comments about my Wednesday witness, the charismatic prayer talk that I gave at church for three people. I probably doubled the audience by posting it.  Maybe. It won't finish until the middle of June.  And I have even had a few encouragements about the overdues.  (That would be 114, compared to my friend and mentor who has 116, but who's counting?)  And no, not my personal overdues, but overdues of my students, books owed to my library.

And encouragements about sleep which has been in short supply.  It has been a tough week with a lot of hate directed at us.  But I think the tide is turning and good Christians are perhaps remembering that they are supposed to forgive trespasses.  I have to laugh because for nearly a year I have been upset and angry as they all trespassed on my property, but I didn't give a mean look or word toward any of them.  I may have thought a few things because I am not perfect, but I didn't say anything to anyone.  It really doesn't give me that comforting feeling of superiority to feel as though I am better than they are.  I just feel sad that good Christians would behave in that way.  And I hope that I never get caught in a snare where I might act in such a way toward my neighbor.  I pray not to be led into that temptation.

A year ago I was upset about a little thing that happened and someone who was untruthful about it. I was about to implode from my anger.  And this year I laugh, because that was such a small thing last year.  And this thing is much bigger and more serious.  It has great potential for harm to my whole church community.  But, I am able to forgive and love them.  I have sorrow and even fear of being hurt, but I do not find myself hating the ones who hate me.   And I can reach this point of maturity because I was in that sad angry place last year and I learned to forgive.  Still working on that love your enemy thing, but I am getting closer to that.  It is a journey.

And in a development that would surprise and amaze my neighbors, I was all set to make an offer on a house (with my hubby, of course, he has started to sleep again) and try to get out of here.  But our real estate agent took sick and is in the hospital.  So we decided to wait until he recovers and if the house isn't still there, then another house will come along someday.

On Saturday I prayed all day for my parish priest. It was an event for the year of the priest. We need to protect our shepherds by praying for them most of all. Sunday morning I lectored Pentecost Mass which it seems like I always do.  Pamphylia and Phygria just trip off the old tongue.  Then we went to a potluck to celebrate the end of the Novena.  Then we went to the World Day of Prayer.  We were asked to be intercessors, my hubby and I. We had never been to this event before.  It was not well attended, but it was lovely to celebrate with all those other Christians.  Loud music though. Long weekend. Lots and lots of praying.  It is a good thing I like to do that.


Amanda said...

Mary, I enjoyed reading your thoughts here.

What's wrong with the parish priest? Is he involved in the crocodile episode? Just not sure if I have missed something else lol.

I think trials are painful indeed, but very necessary for the transformation process. And oh! the joy when you have a breakthrough is indeed wonderful... much like your attitude to the people who despise you, yet you don't return the feeling.

Blessings to you, from Oz :o)

Mary said...

It is the year of the priest and it was a day of prayer about that. But, yes, there is an alligator story in there somewhere. Count on you Amanda to notice that I was complaining about the sandpaper. But perhaps that was the unabashed part of it.

Mary said...

Thanks for the blessings from Oz. I love that nickname for Australia. It is bonzer and ace (probably words you don't really use.LOL)