Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

It's Tuesday and I am doing Treasures again, but I think that this will be the last month.  I am just flat out of things to show and gushing over dolls I don't really care about is just getting old.

So here's some more --
But the treasure isn't the dolls this time, it is the desk.  I always wanted an old school desk.  Because I have been a teacher and my mom was a teacher and teaching runs in the family.  My dad was a teacher too and his grandpa and his grandpa.  There have been lots and lots of teachers.

At a yard sale about 12 years ago was this old desk.  It had been well cared for as a photographer's prop before I got it.  And now these silly dolls and the cats sit on it.  Some day either I will have to sell it at a yard sale or my son will get stuck with disposing of it.  Oh well, I enjoy the old desk.

And big surprise, Dandelionmom won the salt and pepper shakers from last week.  May she never ever use them for the purpose they were intended.  Congratulations, Dandelionmom!


Tami said...

If the Moose doesn't want the desk, I'll take it. It is almost as cool as the tradition of teaching in your family.

abroadermark said...

Woohoooooo!!! Go Dandelionmom!!

Dawn Farias said...

May she never ever use them for the purpose they were intended

Ha!! Too funny. Congratulations!

Jody Blue said...

What a legacy! Such a fun treasure...makes me want to dig out the old desk I have in the garage...some where:)