Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Treasures--Give Away

Tuesday Treasures is a meme that I host to encourage bloggers to share their "treasures" which could be anything that has special meaning to them.  Since I have been doing this for a while I have reached the point whereby many of the things I have left to share aren't that interesting.  But, all of you have things that fascinate me.  So share and leave a comment and we will come around and see your treasures.

Here's mine--

Edited to add-Contest closed.  Dandelionmom won.

This week I am going to try a give away.  Again.  I don't get overwhelming responses to my giveaways and there is a lady in OK who would say that giving you my address might be risky because one of my cleaning stategies is to box up stuff and send it places.  I am crazy like that.  So let's see if anyone wants this treasure of mine, because it is time for me to give it away.

I am looking for a new home for these salt and pepper shakers.  They can't be used for the original purpose because they are pewter and pewter contains lead and if you use them you will be lead poisoning your family.  Which is not a nice thing to do.  So don't.  I never used them and they didn't come from my own family.

I bought them one time about 40 years ago when I was out antiquing with my girlfriends.  Those girls were wild about antiques.  I liked to look, but I couldn't really see the point in buying antiques.  But that day I bought these salt and pepper shakers.  The little label says they were used in the late 1800s.  I have looked them up and they aren't worth much.  I may have paid $3 for them and I might optimistically get $10 for them today, but why sell when I can give them away?

And this is how I will choose.  If I have more than twenty entries, I will use the random number generator.  If I don't, I will draw out of a hat.  I will announce the winner next Tuesday with my next Tuesday, May 11th.  I will close the contest on Sunday evening May 9th.  If you have a blog, just leave a comment as the blogger and I will find you.  If you don't have a blog, you can still enter.  If one of you nonbloggers win, I will announce your winning on the blog and you will have until June 1st to email me.  After that, if I don't hear from you, I will draw again.  Of course, if you win you have to give me your address. And I will send these anywhere in the world that will let me.

And if I don't get at least one entry, then I will never do a drawing again.  So, leave a comment if you would like these "treasured" non-salt and non-pepper  shakers.


dandelionmom said...

OOOO OOOOO pick ME! I LOVE pewter! (not so much with the silver-service type stuff though-except spoons loooove silverware-but I like ceremics and glass better for my tea etc)These look soooo like they would have been used in a BOOK-an OLD COOL book! :D I'll try to get one up today later-gotta birthday boy today!

dandelionmom said...

If I comment twice do I get 2 entries??

Mary said...

Two entries only. But you aren't supposed to discourage others from entering. The point of a giveaway is to increase readers. I guess next time I will have to run my junk (ahem) treasures by you ladies and just ask who wants it. But thatnks for doing a treasure today.

SuperSis said...

You could pick me instead, Mrs. Hope Echoes! I like cool old poisonous things too. I'm going to take a Tuesday Treasures picture so I can play too.


Mary said...

Oh, and in case there is any doubt. You dont' HAVE to post a treasure to enter. Just leaving one comment of any kind enters you in this giveaway.

abroadermark said...


abroadermark said...

Am I officially entered in the contest now?

abroadermark said...

"I like cool old poisonous things too."

SuperSis is FUNNY!! Wonder where she got that thar sense o' humor? :D

Tami said...

Scooping the momma, now that is funny. I'm just commenting, no need to put me in the drawing. With my crazy little man in the house I would be afraid he'd lick them and get lead poisoning. Don't laugh, I'm serious.

DandelionMom said...

Sorry Tami-I'm laughing at your little kid running through the house licking stuff! Are those tongue-prints on your moniter? (sez the mom who took her littlest to the Dr to remove a Wasabi pea from his nose)

I really only came by to see if anyone was poaching on my odds of winning :P

Mary said...

O Dandelionmom. You are going to be so sorry to have won these. (if in fact you do) Not that they aren't perfectly nice. They are. They need to be shined or rubbed or whatever you do with poison pewter. Ask AMB, I might send you harmonicas or something. It's chancy at best to enter a contest of mine.

abroadermark said...

I think you're gonna win, Dandelionmom! I just have a feeling! :D

Mary said...

Yeah, I even didn't advertize this on the 7QTs as I had planned to because even I want D'Mom to win. LOL. I will just have to giveaway something next time that none of my friends want.

Let's see. Anybody want a cat that has frequent hairballs and high vet bills?

Or how about this--an old bowling ball? (It is my hubby's, I doubt he would miss it.)

Clearly I am a failure at giveaways.

But, I have come a long way from the first one where a friend refused to post a comment on the blog and just asked me at church for the book I was giving away if nobody else wanted it. Sigh. I will clearly never be the Pioneer Woman or even the Dandelionmom or the Old Woman in the Shoe. I will have to be content being me.

DandelionMom said...

no she dint! tooo funny! Why do some people come to blogs and think the fun is only for the people playing? It's like refusing to enter a street fair because you didn't get a personal invite! :lol:

Just the thought of you SHIPPING a bowling ball somewhere would be a KILL and a HALF! You could always paint it and display it in the garden as a "gazing ball"-one that wind won't blow down and hail won't shatter!

And don't polish "my" prize! The patina is a lot of the charm!

Jody Blue said...

Give D-mama my entry...I just enjoy checking out your treasures!