Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shaggy-Dog Account of the Weekend

I left my library on Friday with only slightly more than 200 overdue books.  This means I recovered more than 400 books in a week.  In library world this is no small feat.  But, I was so tired from chasing down books.  My best trick was letting a really annoying 8th grade boy who is a friend of mine track books down for me.  He irritated over 20 books out of people.  I will have to let him work for me next week.

Hubby and I are praying the Novena for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit at 7pm at our house and hoping that others in our church are joining us in prayer at their own houses.  I hope that people all over the place are praying for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I was reflecting this weekend that last year I finally reached a resolution to a lifelong problem I have had with forgiveness.  I always wanted to be forgiving but couldn't find a way to go to that place of forgiveness in all circumstances.  I can't explain how exactly I came to that place of forgiveness and I have no secrets to offer.  But, I finally found that I could forgive.  I got past my forgiveness issues.  And I was all happy and patting myself on the back about how easy the rest of my life would be now that I could forgive, when wham.  Suddenly I was confronted with an enemy who did things to harm me.  An enemy who loathed me for no reason that I could understand.  An enemy who was out to get me and I couldn't avoid and had to deal with at least every week and often more frequently than that.  And what do I have to learn now?  Love your enemies and do good to those who would harm you.    Boy, do I need those Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit now.  I think I need to read the fifth chapter of Romans again. The part that comes before .."and hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit."

Saturday I sent a package up north to the Dandelionworld.  I hope that the dog sleds are still mushing or that the mail truck doesn't get stuck in the mud.  Maybe it will arrive before the end of summer.  I also got a haircut.  And it isn't too bad.  That's 2 good cuts in a row, a new record.

Sunday afternoon our neighbor took the "alligator" away from our backyard.  It had been there since July 11 of last year and some of the neighbors had gotten used to it.  But imagine if you will a neighbor who put an alligator to your yard without your permission just because someone else paid him to do it and some other people liked the alligator.  It has been a learning and growing experience.  I hope someday I can look back and the whole thing and not hurt.  I hope that my neighbors will remember what being a Christian is all about.

Looking ahead at the blog, I realize that I need to play catch up or I will soon be winging it daily on posts.  The end of the school year is always hard timewise and even emotionally.  I have so much to do in the last weeks of school and then the school year ends and it is done.  I go from 60 to nothing in a week and a half.


2cats said...

I think that forgiveness is something we all struggle with at some time or another. I also think that for you to get to the point of recognizing that you are able to forgive most of the time is huge. We can't always forgive. We can't because to be able to forgive always would be perfection. We are not perfect beings. I think the best we can do, is the best we can do.

Mary said...

I believe that we can't forgive in our own timeframe. Forgiveness can take time. But, I think, I believe, that when I try to, want to forgive, when I pray to forgive, I can reach that point eventually. And for me that was huge because I always wanted resolution, to tell the other person, to correct the other person, or at least to tell other people who would be on my side. In essence I wanted retribution, although that is not how I saw it. But that was what I wanted. I don't need that anymore. I can eventually let go and let God handle it. It is above my pay grade. Vengence is mine, sayeth the Lord.

Tami said...

Isn't that the way Satan works? You counted on God to help you overcome a huge obstacle, you did it, and bam. . .Satan clobbers you. Good for you to remember those lessons learned. Someone once said, "Satan doesn't need to waste his time on those who are luke warm. They are already in his back pocket. He goes after those who are on fire for Christ, as they are his true competition."
You must be blazing! Keep that fire going Mary, you are lighting the way for many.

Mary said...

Tonight I'm whimpering because I seem to have acquired a few more of those enemies to love. And I ask myself, why would people choose to hate?

Tami said...

Sorry :( I don't get it either Mary.