Friday, May 21, 2010

Seven Quick Takes, Vol. 67

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts this meme. Go around and visit some others.  They are all better than mine.

1. Recently I have become aware that God is calling me to give up the need for human acceptance, for friends and people who love and support me.  Not that I can't sometimes experience those things.  I am being called to give up the need for them.  I need only His love, because it is perfect.  All the rest will disappoint me.  Friends will turn away and desert me.  So, now, I turn to Him because He is best and pure love.  He will never be led away by the words of the world. He has conquered the world.

2. A cautionary note--if you ever hear someone being roundly condemned and criticized, if you are ever there when the deeds of someone are portrayed as so terrible that everyone must hate them, stop and pray.  Ask yourself whether the people leading the discussion are led by God's values of love or by the world's values of self interest and hate.  Because the evil one is sometimes right in the middle of the discussion.

3. This Pentecost weekend I am called to prayer.  Saturday I am called to intercessory prayer for our priests.  That is an all day thing and I know that is where I need to be.  Sunday I lector 10:30 Mass and then go to a potluck to celebrate Pentecost and the conclusion of the Novena.  Then Hubby and I are invited to go pray intercessory prayer at the World Day of Prayer and I think we will try to do all of those things.  That's a lot of praying for one weekend.  I wonder when groceries will be procured and laundry done?

4. I got all of the books in the library scanned for inventory by Wednesday.  I whittled down the overdues to under 150.  It is slow going after the first few days of overdue collecting.  There are only 2 and a half days of school left. I am now the dreaded mean overdue lady.

5. We have really found peace in the Pentecost Novena this year.  We have been praying it together as a couple.  O. Come Holy Spirit, renew the face of the earth.

6. My 88 year old mother passed her drivers' exam again.  That is one more 89 year old on the road in a few days.  I pray for her.  And the other drivers in Q. That is the thing about teenagers and old people--when do you say when, and how do you stop them when they are legal? She doesn't drive at night any more and doesn't drive that much at all, but still I worry.

7. I haven't slept much this week.  Hubby is upset about things and he hasn't been sleeping and so I wake up because he tromps around and wants me to get up so he can tell me his thoughts.  Which considering how little sleep we have had lately aren't all that profound.  This too shall pass. Or they will rule it justifiable homicide. (Oops, I didn't mean to say that out loud.) (It's a joke, a joke, I love my hubby, but I need my sleep.) It has been a tough week.


Judy said...

I pray you get a good nights sleep.

It helps SO much!

Heather said...

It's amazing how sleep affects the quality of life. I hope things improve.
When I first read #4, I thought that you had whittled your own overdue books down to 150. I'm glad I misread that!