Thursday, May 20, 2010

Play It Again, Dr. Bogart

I saw my foot doctor today.  At first we thought I would be wearing "the boot" but then that idea was put aside.  I am supposed to slowly, very slowly, begin to walk and gradually increase the distance. Stretch and ice, stretch and ice.  I sleep with a night splint on my left leg.  It comes in really handy if I need to accidentally kick my husband the cat during the night.  I am approximately 40 percent better.  I don't have to go back to the good doctor unless I feel the need.

As long as I don't walk much and don't wear athletic shoes I am pretty much over the problem.  But when I grocery shop or walk the mall or mow and especially if I wear tennis shoes while doing so then my foot hurts.  I wish that someone had given me a good concrete reason for stretching before I exercised.  For example, had they told me that my foot would hurt so badly for months that I would want to cut it off if I didn't stretch, I would have stretched.  So I am warning you--stretch your achilles tendon on a regular basis before it is too late. Stretch.

And I have an appointment with my spiritual director next Thursday and she will pray over it and I am hoping that will do the trick.  She has the gift of intercessory healing prayer.

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