Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pellucid Look at the Weekend

Friday, my hubby and I saw a man about a fence.  I think we will have his company make a fence for us.  We liked the red cedar and the scallops on the privacy fence. It should be perfect for blocking "alligators." (Yes, for you long time readers, we are still fighting the "alligator" issue even though the judgment came in our favor, the removal has not happened yet.)  Then hubby and I went to BreadCo for our "date." When we got home in the evening we had tornado warnings.  Now that I "know" Jen from Homescribbles I had to send up prayers because there were tornados in her area, but none in ours.

I worked on my Boring Post for Saturday on Friday night.  Shocking, I know, because I am usually two or three weeks out on the blog at least with scheduled posts. It is the way I roll. I am cutting it very close to the bone, so to speak. I usually have all my posts written and scheduled for the next month.  But, a combination of never being home and not feeling very "blogative" has gotten me behind. Way behind.

Saturday, we thought about going to hear Father Corapi who was in town giving an all day conference.  There were still tickets available, but an all day conference just didn't appeal that much since we just went to one last Saturday.  I will probably regret it, but you just can't do everything.

Instead I shopped for shoes and groceries.  It is looking like it may be way cheaper to cut off my foot than to keep buying shoes in hopes that they will solve the problem. I need to schedule the next visit with the foot doctor. In some ways my foot is doing better until I try to wear tennis shoes or walk any distance.  Stretching the achilles tendon seems to be key.  And wearing cool hippy sandals.

Sunday, I had no commitments this week like lectoring or speaking.  Just dressed up and smiled at people and practiced loving. Oh, and I got a "Mothers' Day" present a week early.  My hubby ordered a laptop computer.  I have one from work but there are more and more restrictions about what it can be used for.  And I can't imagine taking it to Oklahoma, for example.  (Which is some place I hope to go to this summer.) The funny thing about the laptop is that my hubby likes it so much I have hardly gotten to touch it yet.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon "developing" photos (downloading and resizing) and writing blog posts.  I am finished typing in the charismatic prayer thing and it goes until mid June. LOL.  I am getting really tired of Tuesday Treasures.  I am doing a give away this week on Tuesday and I guess I will keep them going through the end of May or June and then, maybe once a month after that.  I have noticed that a good many bloggers had given it up and quit.  I am not ready to do that, yet. But I am not feeling as "blogative" as I once was.  Not nearly as "blogative."


Tami said...

Oh Mary, I hear you with the not feeling blogative, but I do hope you don't quit blogging. Maybe this spring will blow in some inspiration. At least I hope so. What would the bloggy world be for me without Hope Echoes to count on? I know it is for my own selfish reasons I want you to continue. I'll just be praying you'll, "bring back that lovin' feeling. . .whoa that lovin' feelin'. . .bring back that lovin' feelin'. . .don't let it be gone, gone, gone."

Mary said...

Oh, Tami, dont' get crazy, I'm not really quitting. I just need to figure out the direction I am going. I am tired of cleaning and decorating and treasures. I need to shake things up again.

Jen said...


Thanks so much for the prayers on Friday night! We were fine, though in the basement for a while, and my kids were up WAAAAAY too late (like, 10 pm... the night before my oldest's First Holy Communion), so my 4 year old was a bit cranky on Sat morning, but he perked up in time for the party.

My modem's been out for 2 days (that was a minor tragedy!), so I'm a little late in responding here... but thanks again!

Homescribbles Jen

abroadermark said...

You could do a little J0dye style emotional streaking. That would certainly shake things up a bit.

Dawn Farias said...

You could spread out your posts farther???

I like that word, blogative.

Fr. Corapi is going to be in my town in August... oh, but you'll be starting back to school then!