Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Memories--Okinawa

Dateline, Okinawa, Japan, 1981
Moose's second Christmas was spent in Japan.  We had a real tree that was shipped from Washington state and was so dead that it was a fire hazard before we brought it home.  But, decorated there in the picture, it doesn't look so terrible as I remember it.  We displayed all the gifts so that we could show the grandparents.

The early days as a Navy wife living far from home were the worst.  Nothing prepares you for the isolation and loneliness.  Although today with internet and better phone services things probably aren't as bad.  It took a letter two weeks to get home and then two weeks to get back if they answered right away.  A phone call cost $35 a minute and BigBs salary was nothing compared to today.  We just couldn't afford to call. 

But, I learned to make friends with the other spouses and I learned to rely on them like sisters and to be there for them as they were for me.  As a couple we learned to keep the traditions that were important to us even if there were only two or three of us eating a turkey with all the trimmings.  We made new traditions.  We learned to appreciate the place where we landed and to try to see as much and learn as much as we could about it. We learned, I learned, to measure what was really important and not to size things up by the things I missed.

That first Christmas in Okinawa was about the worst because I hadn't figured out those things yet, but I learned.  And it got better.  It really did.  I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't been there.  And isn't the Moose cute?  We won't talk about my unfortunate striped top. LOL.

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Tami said...

Moose is adorable, and your striped top isn't so terrible.

Mary, you so nicely summed up what being a military wife is about. Hard, yes. Filled with treasures, definitely. . .you just have to dig for them.

I feel so blessed to have been able to do my stint with the latest technology. I think back to the days when Mr. Nomad & I were dating and we spent LOTS of money each month just on phone bills. Now with calling plans and the internet, I can stay in touch with family and friends for a fraction of what we used to spend just to talk to eachother!

Thank you for your family's service. You paved the way for the rest of us, leaving behind a great legacy to follow.