Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boring Posts for Saturdays

It is once again Saturday.  Time to post that boring post you have had playing through your mind.  Nobody will read it.  It is a holiday weekend.  Everybody is off playing.
Here's mine--
In the process of cleaning out under my bathroom sink, I determined that I had a few too many hair products.  They weren't really different hair products.  They were too many of the same hair products. I put them out and decided to use them.  The only thing is--it is really hard to get into the shower with all those bottles lined up around the tub.


dandelionmom said...

LOLOL!!! You are sooo funny! Why not dump them all in a milk-jug and give er a shake? And then leave that for the husband to use and you can use yours. :D

Tami said...

Now I am the one laughing! Can you imagine pouring your shampoo out of a milk jug? So much for that dime size drop, who says more isn't better?
If nothing else this cleaning spree will make you as agile as a cat. Seriously if you can manuever in and out of the shower without knocking everything over, that will be impressive.

abroadermark said...

Duh! All you've got to do is move the shower curtain and step in at the faucet end. Just be careful when you close the shower curtain. :D

Mary said...

You got it ABM! I moved the conditioners and shampoos around and I can get in and out.

I have a liner and the brown one is the outer curtain.

But my point was, I have too too many products. I could shampoo and condition all the Shoes and Dandelions for a year. And Hubby doesn't use the same products I do so we don't share.

Mary333 said...

I just did this, too! I lined 'em up on my towel rack and have been pecking away at them. How many do you knock over when you get in? lol!