Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boring Posts for Saturday--Tea in Alabama and Kentucky

Saturday again, really?  Well, boring ought to be easy today.  I have nothing to say.

But here's mine--

A few weeks ago we drove from Missouri one day to Alabama and turned around the next day and came back.  It is a grueling trek in some ways, but in others I enjoy doing that more than staying longer.  I wrote about a little problem I had last year on the same trip here.

I thought I would give a little update on the T in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.  I am not a fussy traveler.  I don't need Starbucks to keep me going or a Big Gulp.  My only and unswerving requirement is iced tea in the afternoon.  I almost am incapable of driving in the afternoon without ice tea.  I like it plain, just tea, not sweet tea, not flavored tea.  Just tea.

Last year I had problems finding iced tea in Tennessee on the way home.  It caused great anxiety as I searched fruitlessly for a tea source.  I blame the economy and failing fast food chains.  This year I was prepared.  On the way down to Alabama I got my tea at McAllisters in Paducah, Kentucky.  They had good food and very nice rest rooms.  You know that the rest rooms are nice when your husband says, go check out the light fixtures in the bathroom, I want something like that for my bathroom.  And they were nice.  That tea satisfied my craving all the way to Alabama and spawned a couple of rest room visits in Tennessee and Alabama on the way.  None of those rest rooms were anywhere as nice as McAllisters.

Going home the next day we left at noon so I got my tea in Alabama.  MacDonalds tea this time.  I almost panicked because the Subway where I ate had no tea.  No Tea!  I insisted on an immediate stop for tea.

Of course that tea led to some more rest room uses in Tennessee and Kentucky.  So this time I skipped the tea in Tennessee and instead looked for the place to you know "p," if you will.

If that isn't a boring post, illustrated like an alert blogger, then I don't know boring.

If you have a boring post, leave a comment.


dandelionmom said...

Today, my friend, you have truly outdone yourself! :D

Mary said...

It is a gift. A gift, I tell you. And I threw it all together last night during tornado warnings. A gift to be boring, I say.

Tami said...

You know what is scary? I really like your Boring Saturday posts, but that's not the scary part. I don't find them boring. After so many cross country drives, I am totally with you in finding the right rest stop. The worst? Driving in Utah, and just because there is a dot on the map doesn't mean there is actually a town. Poor Princess' eyes were really floating by the time we found her a bathroom.

Have a great day Mary.

abroadermark said...

'Tis a gift to be boring
'Tis a gift to be free
'Tis a gift to come down
Where we ought to be...

YAWN!! Good one, Miss Marion!

Mary said...

I wonder if there is tea between here and Oklahoma? Do you have McDs down there? Outside of the cities, I mean? And rest stops? And do the cowboys hang up their guns and take off their spurs in town?

I realize that I would mainly be going through MO and that is dangerous country. I hear Jesse James is from there. And some movie that I can't remember has a line about--Them people from Missouri would just as soon kill you as look at you. (Clint Eastwood was in the movie.)

abroadermark said...

Oooh, Jesse James and some of his gang slept in my great-grandma's father's barn one night. Or so goes the story.

I think if you get one of those giant 99 cent cups of tea every time you pass a McDonalds, and you sip it slowly, you should be able to make it here without having to face any kind of serious withdrawal. You'd better bring a roll of t.p. along with you though (or grab a handful of napkins every time you hit a McDs) - you know, for those stops on the side of the road.

My cowboy wears his guns and spurs all the time - even to bed. Uh-huh...there's some sexy stuff happenin' here in the shoe. ; )

Mary said...

The exact quote from the Outlaw Josey Wales is--This Mr. Wales is a cold-blooded killer. He's from Missouri, where they're all known to be killers of innocent men, women and children.

And no wonder there are so many little shoes. What happens in the Shoe bed stays in the Shoe bed.

I think that the tp advice is valid. In these budget cutting days, the rest stops may be cutting corners.

Dawn Farias said...

Good job on the boring. But I like your boring, so...