Saturday, May 15, 2010

Boring Post for Saturday--Statcounter

Saturday yet again.  Time for me to be boring.  As usual.  Join me as you like, or not, no pressure. Yawn.

I would like to praise my statcounter, Statcounter, today.  Statcounter is a free service to count visitors and learn something about them.  I first discovered Statcounter from reading the Blogging Basics 101 blog.  There are several free statcounters or webwatcher type services. Like most hobby bloggers, I desire to spend little or nothing on this hobby. A free Statcounter works for me.

When I first started Statcounter and it showed me that I had 6 clicks in the entire month of June 2008 I wondered at that time if they would tell me that my blog wasn't worth collecting stats for.  But, Statcounter has never told me anything except who is clicking, how often they click, where they live and things like that.  Like a trusty friend, Statcounter just keep my stats for me.  And they don't tell me anything I need to know, but it is interesting to find out that there are 5 distinct lurky Lous.  I can see if Oklahoma has checked in yet today or whether she hasn't.  I am awed when I see Australia has looked.  I worry when I see someone in Rome checked out one of my charismatic prayer posts.  And I chuckle over all the many small towns in Minnesota that the Dandelionmom appears in (unless some of those are neighbors, yikes!).  And Washington state seems to shift towns too.  And I ask, what is with that?

But the thing is when I started Statcounter I couldn't imagine a time when 500 hits would be used up to start over again.  But it has. My blog stats a year ago were really low.  April and May were the low months.  But this year they aren't.  And I don't know what it means exactly, but it is interesting to me and it makes a good boring post for Saturday.

So, do you use a statcounter?  Which one?  Is it free?  What do you like about it?


Amanda said...

I laughed at the Rome part of your post... what if the Pope was checking up on you?? :P tsk tsk LOL

Dawn Farias said...

I use Sitemeter but now that I've switched to Wordpress they have a neat-o plug-in stat counter. But it doesn't tell unique visits or location.

Jo said...

I think I use Sitemeter - it is nice to seem how many people visit - but it also counts all my visits as I check if people are visiting!!