Friday, May 28, 2010

7 Quick Takes, Vol 68

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts the 7 Quick Takes.  One of these days I am going to visit all the other QTs on a Friday.
Here's mine--

1. My school got out on Wednesday.  I still have things to do since I am a librarian and not a kid in school. As ther terminator says, "I'll be back."  I worked the overdues as hard as I could. My final end of the year count was 76.  I was the mean overdue lady.  Most of the books or money to pay for them will find its way back to me.  Eventually.

2. I was so busy between the Novena and all the praying things we went to last week and the end of school that I feel as though time has just flown by.  To me it seems as though it should be May 7th instead of May whatever, the last Friday in May.  When I was a kid it seemed as though those last days of school just crawled by. Now I blink and school is out.

3. I still don't have vacation plans together.  Sigh.  I love to travel but I don't have time to plan for it.  Summer gets here and 2 months go by and it seems as though we go no where and do nothing.  I am going to Oklahoma if I can figure out a way.  Even if it is hot there.  Because I bet it is hot there.  Then in my dreams I would go someplace cold like Alaska.  But I can't see that happening.  But I can dream.  I hope I get farther than Columbia, MO which was my last summer's vacation.

4. This is the thing I am thinking about satan--he finds you when you think that things are going great and you have love and forgiveness all figured out and then--wham, he hits you in your weakest spot.  I am learning though.  First, claim the blood of Jesus and repent from whatever sin led to my fall.  For me that is pride or thinking I can handle things on my own, most often.  Second, look for the good that Christ can bring out of the situation.  Can there be reconciliation and forgiveness?  Can there be a chance to learn and grow?  There is some good there. Third, seek help from brothers and sisters in Christ and pray, pray , pray.

5. I would announce that my blog is finished for the summer, as in I'm not doing it, but of course that won't be the case.  I have almost entirely run out of scheduled posts, so I am really in trouble my friends, right here in River City.  But I hope my brain can think of a few things to write.  If I pull the pictures I have on the cameras, then I can write about things I did in May.  Won't that be interesting. Not.

6. One thing I definitely want to do while I am off this summer is see the Vatican Treasures at the History Museum in Forest Park.

7. At spiritual direction on Thursday my director suggested I read Letting Go by Morrie Schwartz of Tuesdays With Morrie.  I feel there is an interesting intersection with this since last summer I went to a retreat with Paula D'Arcy who knew and spoke of Morrie also.


abroadermark said...

It HAS pretty hot and humid here - fer sure! The hubby said he heard it's supposed to get worse for a couple of weeks, and then cool off a a little to give us a milder summer than usual. Oh, how I hope those weather guys are right for a change!

I want to see the Vatican Treasures exhibit again. Old Man and I saw it in Houston a few years ago. It's VERY cool! Maybe I'll just ride back to St. Louis with you when you come to visit. Better clean that guest room before you head to Oklahoma - just in case.

Mary said...

Sweetie, when I come to OK I will stay in luxury at the Motel Six or something. I wouldn't put out all the Shoes. If I come to OK. When I come to OK. I wish I could come right now. But later in the summer, if it is cooler might be nice.

abroadermark said...

I meant that you need to clean your guest room before I hitch a ride back to St. Louis with you. I'm going to need a place to stay while I'm there, you know. :D

Mary said...

LOL. You would have to help me "clean" (if I could figure out the cross out thing on the comments I would write the word PACK). LOL

Anyway there is room on the bed to sleep and I have two sofa beds. I think D'Mom and Tami will be sharing the one in the basement and will get very little sleep. They will enjoy picking through the stuff down there.