Friday, May 14, 2010

7 Quick Takes, Vol 66

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts this meme. Go around and visit the interesting ones. But, you are already here, so here is mine.

1. I got a new laptop computer for Mother's Day.  Well, we got a new laptop, our first laptop and my husband called it my Mother's Day present. Lest you think I always get expensive presents.  Usually I get a geranium.  But hubby set the thing up with the virus programs and bells and whistles.  Then he taught me how to use it.  As part of this instruction he said, "If you use BlueTooth, it will make the battery go down faster, so you have to watch that."  I said, "What is BlueTooth?  Isn't it the cell phone thing in your ear?  We don't have that."  Hubby said, "Well, I am just telling you, so that if we did, you would know." (As if I wouldn't have forgotten by the time we ever got something like that, which we do not want or plan to get.)  I'm just saying.

2. We have been looking at houses lately.  We have a master plan.  The thing is praying that we are following the Master's Plan, and not just our own free will and the temptations of the devil.  So we pray and we pray. But we found a house that we like.  It just costs too much.

3. I am determined to try to get back in touch with my spiritual director next week.  I have been flying solo for a couple of months now and I think I need to be pulled back down and slapped around.  Well, she doesn't do that, but she does on occasion make me cry.  Well, perhaps I make myself cry.  But she helps.

4. When I left the middle school where I am the librarian last Friday I had 618 books overdue and 12 days of school left. Yikes. I have whittled that down this week, but we are still over 300.  I hope those books sprout legs and come running back to me.  Because otherwise, just call me the overdue lady. The mean overdue lady.

5. Our son, Moose has been coming by on Wednesdays for dinner lately and I mainly serve him left overs.  If he would just tell us he was coming perhaps I would serve new food.  Or not.

6. Today begins the nine days of the Novena to the Holy Spirit in preparation for Pentecost.  My church is promoting the Novena this year.  You can find it on line at the link in the line above.  If you are any kind of Bible reading Christian you know that the Apostles watched Jesus ascend into Heaven and then they started praying.  And on Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon them with power.  What could possible be wrong to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit?  At Pentecost and everyday of our lives!  So, grab your families and pray today and for the nine days until Pentecost. Pray!

7. Next week I go back to the foot doctor who has a name that sounds a bit like Humphrey Bogart.  He will tell me that my insertional achilles tendonitis is healing somewhat and I probably should just keep doing what I'm doing and come back in another month.  So why am I going to him?  Well, in case that isn't what he is going to say.


deanna said...

Laughing at #3. Our son comes over, looks in the fridge and says there is nothing to eat. I have little sympathy, he's a chef!

Dawn Farias said...

I wonder what will finally become the master plan regarding your house situation.

I always hate going to the doctor and being told what I already know and then having to pay for it and lose those few hours of life. But like you said, we go just in case they gonna tell us something we didn't know.