Friday, May 7, 2010

7 Quick Takes, Vol 65

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts this meme. Visit hers and find some really interesting posts.
Meanwhile, here's mine--

1. My school's book club competition was Tuesday.  It is an exciting field trip day.  This year I had a bunch of hilarious sixth grade boys.  There were 3 girls and 7 boys on the team.  What a combination.  But, I probably really liked this year's group better than any so far.  They were fun and not terribly concerned about winning. (We came in 28 out of 35) Which is okay with me.  We had the final pizza party on Thursday and I am done with staying after school on Thursdays for the Book Battle club.  Yay!

2. Last Sunday, Father invited the new Communicants who had worn their First Communion clothing (from the ceremony the previous day) to Mass up onto the altar for the Consecration.  It was charming.  The little girls were so sweet in their white dresses you could just ache from the cuteness and second grade boys in suits were a marvel to behold. It was a treat to see these future saints all decked out in their finery.

3. I have been using the Word a Day Calendar in my titles for my Sunday recaps.  I neglected to mention that pellucid means--easy to understand.  And I guess that is true except for the word pellucid.

4. There is a conference in Minneapolis that I would like to go to over Halloween weekend. But, I am not sure that I have clothing warm enough.  And what if there were a blizzard and I was stuck in Minnesota unitl sprintime?

5. Recently, I have learned a rather important lesson for me.  When it seems like I am up against evil, it is me against the evil one, not against the one acting for the evil one.  And the battle is within me, because what the author of evil wants is to cause me to sin, to cause evil in my own heart.  The only way to fight the evil one is to fight evil and not hate or despise or have malice toward the person who is causing the problem.  That one I need to forgive and to love in hope of influencing him back to the good.  Because, despite the lengthy list of sins I can hold against that one, the Father who is the author of all love, loves him as much as He loves me.  I can renounce the devil, but I am called to love and forgiveness of the sinner.  Sometimes I wish The Way were easier.

6. I'm once again headed up to Q to spend Mother's Day with my mom.  She is 88 and it is what I need to do.  Last year I was rescuing the last bit of furniture from her house with my son on Mother's Day.  A year has past and I have largely gotten over that painful experience of selling mom's house.

7.  The report on my mother in law in Alabama who we visited a couple of weeks ago is better than we had hoped.  It seems that since our visit when we decorated her room and arranged for the church to send a visitor to her, that her mood has lightened and she even shows some recognition of her husband and sings as she wheels herself up and down the halls of the nursing home.  Alzheimers is a terrible disease, but there are still some things that can be done for the person who is in the clutches of that disease.


Jen said...


I love what you said in #5... so important to try to remember... so hard to actually do.

Have a great Mother's Day!

Homescribbles Jen

abroadermark said...

Whoa! You blew me away with #5! It's all so simple, isn't it? And yet, not simple in the least. I think you're WAY smart and VERY cool, Marsidotes!


You'd BETTER NOT go up to Minnesota and somehow find a way to get yourself snowed in at DMom's house, woman. Not unless you're planning on taking me with you!

Mary said...

I'd be clear across the state and what with all the snow, we would never meet Dandelionmom. But, I bet I have her worried a little. Your the only one who wants me to come ABM.

And I am learning that loving isn't as easy as it sounds.

Mary said...

Jen, have a great mother's day right back at you. Should be cool in the Lou.

Tami said...

You are right Mary. The right thing to do is many times not the easiest thing to do. But if we hold one another up in prayer and love, hopefully it becomes easier and easier.
I'm glad your MIL is doing so much better. Definitely a blessing to see her enjoying life as much as possible.
I hope you have a nice visit with your mom. Remember you can have her call me if she has any constipation stories. We could bond, kind of like soldiers who have been at war together.
Have a very Happy Mother's Day Mary.
Just in case you are worried about my late night blogging. . .Mr. Nomad is on his way home from a trip, so I'm waiting up for him.