Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

Time for Tuesday Treasures.  Take out your camera, or take a picture with your words if you prefer and comment on the blog and we will come around and visit your treasures.

Here's mine--

Yet another doll.  I think I always expected to have daughters.  I purchased this little doll in Tokyo in 1982.  It was sold outside of a Japanese temple and was somehow related to a festival to pray for good babies or something like that.  I lost something in the translation I am sure.  There were those little tomatoes that have the Japanese lanterns around them connected to it somehow.  I really didn't give two figs for whatever the festival was or what god and what the tomato things were all about.  Because I know there is only one God.  But, I like dolls and the doll wasn't a god, it was a souvenir even to the Japanese who were at the festival.


Tami said...

What a neat collection. Baby dolls from all of your worldly travels.
So when your husband retired from the military, did you miss the moves and all of the adventures?

Footprints Diary said...

Hi Mary,
Your doll is a wonderful souvenir of a good time in Japan! :)

I have posted my Tuesday Treasure here:

No prizes for guessing what my Tuesday Treasure is!

Have a wonderful week,
Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

Mary said...

Love the Peter Rabbit cup! Thanks for sharing.

And, Tami, no, I don't miss the moves or the life or the adventures. My hubby retired as an E6 Navy with every other assignment outside the continental US (not that Hawaii was bad duty) but I had reached the end of living on bases and the poor quality health care (maybe it has gotten better?) and not owning our home and moving and moving and moving.

And the dolls, I like but in some ways I don't treasure them. It is hard to explain what I mean.

Tami said...

I think the health care is probably the same. Sometimes fine, but always needing to keep your momma bear instincts up.

How interesting that you had all foriegn assignments, and the closest thing we came to international were our trips to Costco in DC. (Don't laugh, it was a UN reunion. Always so fun to listen to all the languages around.)

I guess I worry that when we are done with this Air Force gig, I'm going to get a little batty staying in one place for too long. Time will tell.

Mary said...

Not all foreign assignments, just every other,--Decatur, IL, Okinawa, Japan; Orlando, FL; Hawaii; and St Louis (before we married my hubby was in Florida and Japan.) But this was the thing I remember most--I don't do windows, we always moved before I had to clean them. You should see the windows in these places I have lived for ten years. Yikes.

Jody Blue said...

Very sweet treasure. Baby dolls tug at my heart.

Tami said...

That's what I'm talking about. Spring cleaning, what's that? We just move. Neighborhood bully, we can suck it up. . .it's only a few months before we get to move. Jody has pointed out several times over the years that moving can definitely have its perks.