Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

On Tuesdays, I host a little meme called Tuesday Treasures.  I invite you to share those things that are special to you.  I enjoy seeing those special things that inspire memories, that have meaning because of the way they came to you or what you did with them.  So share a treasure and leave a comment and we will come to visit your little treasure.

Here's mine--

My grandpa was born in Oklahoma.  My great grandparents lived among the Cheyenne Arapahoe people.  Visiting Oklahoma and seeing the family and visiting Indian City was something that my family did. 
My special treasure that I have always kept in mint condition were two little dolls.  One might be like Cheyenne or Arapahoe, but the other is surely Navajo.

I never named these little dolls, but I have always thought they were among my most special treasures.

But don't they look precious?  I have had them over 50 years, I think, or close to that.  They are probably antiques by now.  Just like me.

If you have a treasure, leave a comment and we'll come to your house for cookies and tea.


Tami said...

They are beautiful. I cannot believe what great condition they are in. I'm sure if they had been my dolls, the only hair left would be the stubby stuff coming out of the holes.
Maybe you can find a playmate for them this summer when you go on vacation to OK.

Dawn Farias said...

They are in excellent condition!

I had some dolls like that when I was younger.

The verse in your header is the one my boys memorized for soccer this week!

Mary said...

It wasn't until I read Tami's comment that it occurred to me that I kept them in good condition in case I needed to show someone what those Indian girls looked like. At 5 I was already planning to be a teacher I guess.

That verse from Romans come from my favorite part. I could have put several verses before and after that, but I settled for a taste. That is why Hope Echoes is my blog title.

Amanda said...

These dolls are very precious and you have kept them in pristine condition! Over 50 years old?!! Wow. What a beautiful family heirloom.

Footprints Diary said...

Hi Mary,
What beautiful dolls, and what fantastic memories they would bring!

Fifty years is a long time to have something like that!

Have a wonderful week,
Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

abroadermark said...

Ah yes, special treasures indeed!

Ideas for names: She Who Never Looks Older, and Girl With Eyes Like Frozen Mud Puddles.