Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tintinnabulation For Easter

Easter, it's finally here. Lent is over.  Praise the Lord! Ring the bells. (Hint about the meaning of the word in the post title.)

Went to Holy Thursday and Good Friday services.  They are so moving.  I find I have suddenly become a more conservative Catholic and the embellishments that are sometimes added to the service annoy rather than uplift me.  But, a wonderful way to spend an evening, regardless of petty annoyances. 

On Friday, I didn't make it to Stations.  It seems like something always happens. Sigh.  But, I have the booklet now and I plan to do stations throughout the year.  So all is not lost.

Saturday, shopped for hubby's birthday which is coming up next week.  I took the long walk after much discourse about my foot with my hubby.  When I am walking it doesn't hurt.  The advice I have so far from the doctor is walk on it.  If I rest it and it doesn't get better, what good is that?  If I walk and it hurts, then maybe I will get me to the foot doctor.  I don't think it is going to fall off. But it hurt on Sunday.

And I did the scariest thing of all, I got my hair cut again.  This time was much better.  No bald spot down the middle of the back of my head.  And the stylist blended in the old bald spot so you almost can't tell it was bald once back there. Or so I tell myself. 

Scenes from the long walk around my neighborhood yesterday--

See the willow tree on the walk.  Looks like summer, doesn't it? I knew I lived in the SOUTH! It is very hard to believe that a week ago I was wearing a winter coat.

I think this is a flowering quince. (She uses this as a transitional device.) I went to Quincy today for Easter. My brother cooked the dinner. My son joined us for Mass and went with us on our trip north to celebrate.  My mom and my sister and her husband were there as well as my brother the chef (?) and his daughter Hannah, my Goddaughter.  Ned's wife and mother in law went to Rome for Easter week, and they aren't Catholic (or even Christian).  I pray that the Holy Spirit touched their hearts in Rome for Holy Week. And what could be wrong with an Easter dinner where all I had to bring were the rolls? A good time was had by all. (And my brother took Hannah to church this morning.)

The redbud began to bloom on Good Friday.  Since it is called the Judas tree and the legend is that Judas hanged himself from a redbud, I thought it was fitting that it bloomed on Good Friday.

And on the long walk, look what else I saw.  I bet Dandelionmom has her own by now though. I saw fields of these babies.  And soon they will make their own babies and I can sing the Circle of Life, or not.

I am naming the rabbit in the header Tulip since she seems to have eaten almost all of the ones I planted and the ones that were there in previous years.  I have decided that I will have to look at her and imagine that she is as beautiful as the flowers would have been. (And not think of the stew that could be made from her, because who wants to skin a rabbit?)

Anyway, happy Eastertide to you all.  Praise God, we made it through the winter and through the Lenten time.  Now all is celebration of our risen Lord, who saved us. Alleluia! 


Amanda said...

Mary, you have just earned yourself a huge big gold star from me... for putting such a gorgeous picture of that bunny in your header. I hope he stays there for a while. I enjoy looking at it lol.

I love the tree in the first photo you posted. Is it a willow type tree? And the Judas tree is really something! So beautiful!
Yes, how fitting that it bloomed at this time.

I love seeing the photos of your neighbourhood. I reminds me so much of my visit to the States last year. It has been 12 months can you believe it!? I so long to come back again. I just love your country. The style of homes, the very american look of it all, that I enjoy seeing on the tv shows we watch here. I LOVE America!

Hope that foot is still hanging on and not causing you too much discomfort.

Dawn Farias said...

I can sing the Circle of Life, or not. ROFL!

I'm glad you can walk without pain!

Mary said...

Amanda, if I lived in your garden, I wouldn't miss the US! I will leave the bunny for a bit, just for you. I had some flowers all ready to replace her, but for you, she will stay for a while.

I didn't exactly say I can walk without pain. It hurts more after I have walked, it hurts to stand, and by the time I had finished walking I was limping the last little bit. I need to call the foot doctor.

Mary said...

And Amanda--it is a weeping willow. The Judas tree is an Eastern Redbud. They have related trees in the Holy Land. Ours are a little strange in that they are trees that are legumes, related to peas, very distantly. Some of the blossoms come right out of the branches. They have heart shaped leaves.