Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things That Go Bump

One Friday night not long ago at close to midnight my husband and I were in bed.  He was even sleeping.  I was tossing and turning a bit as is my way.  The cat who sleeps between us was in his position for the night.  I have always been a believer in the family bed after all.  I just didn't know that co-sleeping would involve a cat someday.

When we heard a crash.  Car sounds were involved.  Hubby woke and jumped up and clothed himself.  He was sure that something or someone had hit our house.  I wasn't so sure.  I though maybe somebody was tearing down the "alligator" in the middle of the night.  Or else they had run into it.  No such luck.

Finally we returned to bed.  The next day I thought I would discover what had made that midnight crash.  But I didn't.  I still don't know.  And when things like that happen sometimes I wonder--was it the work of the evil one?  just a coincidence? or did we imagine the whole thing?  I really don't know.  But, if I ever discover what made that crash, you will be the second to know.

And I would say April Fool.  But the story is true.


Amanda said...

How bizarre! I was on the edge of my seat with this post, waiting for the reason behind the noise you heard.

Was it at your house? Or possible the house next door? Sometimes in the dead of night, things sound closer than they are. However, I would not at all discount your 'evil' one theory.

It was strange but I had something similiar the other night. Hubby works nights, so I was in bed with only Darcy our ever-faithful Lab for company. Yes, he sleeps on the bed too (but I suspect he takes up more room than your cat lol).

Anyway, I heard something on the deck, right outside our door. Darcy heard it too, and got up at once, and went to the bedroom door, hackles raised. He was really agitated by it, just as much as my heart was.

I went out to investigate and he went crazy sniffing the whole deck and even down the stairs to the laundry below. There was apparently nothing. But Darcy and I know what we heard. When telling my husband about it the next morning, I said exactly as you did.

2cats said...

We live in the woods and hear noises outside all the time. We have stopped looking for the cause...unless the noise is accompanied my a smell.
The noises that I don't like are when both cats are in the other room and there is a loud crash. Of course one of us has to go investigate the cause of the crash. Very rarely do we find anything but sleeping cats. The evil one at play here too?
Have a blessed Easter.

Mary said...

We live beside the church parking lot and most probably it was a car out there doing something, maybe going over a speed bump too quickly. The noise was enough of a crash I was sure I would see evidence in the morning. Even though I looked around the neighborhood, I saw nothing. My hubby was sure the noise was a car hitting our house. If that was the case, the holy angels protected us.

But Amanda, I am glad you have Darcy.

And 2Cats, I have had that crash only to find sleeping cats myself. I marvel at how they do that.

Mary said...

And boy do I get mad when my own blog rejects my comments!

Amanda said...

the cheek of it!! lol (at your comment about your blog rejcting your own comments)