Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick Takes, vol 63

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts this meme.
First Take--
On Monday I went to a podiatrist who has a name that is something like Humphrey Bogart.  I have something something achilles tendonitis.  He told me to ice it.  To take Aleve.  To stretch it and maybe wear a night splint.  And to wear a shoe with a heel to take the pressure off of my own heel.  A heel, like a high heel, a low high heel.  I don't wear heels because a) I thought they were bad for my feet, b) I wear size 9 wide and it is almost impossible to find a heel in a 9 wide, and c) if I could find a heel in a 9 wide it would not be cute or comfortable it would be big and ugly like the Titannic. But I went shopping for a heel.  I found a flip flop made by Skechers that may qualify.  I bought a wedge shoe that I can probably stand in for 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, my work day is longer than 20 minutes.  The next step in about a month is a boot.  End of May when school gets out, a great time to wear a boot.  Who is the patron saint for bad feet?  But so far the little bitty heel I have been wearing has helped.  Who knew that high heels could be good for you?  Certainly not me.

Second Take--
I took Monday off to visit Dr. Bogart and had a little time between the xrays and the shoe shopping to go out to lunch with my hubby and to get my killer Toyota fixed according to the recall.  They vacuumed and washed it for free. Clean car that may not accelerate unexpectedly, sounds like a good deal to me. I think I will still call upon the guardian angels though.

Third Take--
My older brother (not older than me, older than the other brother) and his wife got back from Africa last week, right before the volcano in Iceland caused all the travel havoc.  They had a great time visiting their daughter Ginnie in Kenya.  She finishes up her Peace Corps service in November.  Ginnie is my God-daughter and blog author on my sidebar. Peace Corps is the family business for my brother who met his wife during his Peace Corps service many years ago. (Other brother is retired Army.  Go figure.)

Fourth Take--
The Pentecost Novena we were helping to plan has hit a snag.  We are still praying for it.  If the people want to come together to pray, and the Lord wills it, who can stop them?  But does the Lord will it?  Proceed in love, that is the call.  Go forth in love.

Fifth Take--
This past Sunday morning when I spoke on charismatic prayer at a workshop at my church I completed the last of the many commitments I made last year to work in service to the Lord.  And not that my daily life and my weekly prayer group leadership and my lectoring (this Sunday) aren't in service to the Lord, but these calls for a retreat formation, and 'strengths journey' and this workshop took a great deal of extra time, effort, and prayer. I would love to have some time to reflect and renew. I would love to have at least a year off of those kinds of calls.  But, whatever the Lord asks, I will try to serve.  But, as for me, I would like a year off of all those extra things. Attending a conference this Saturday which I am looking forward to.  I hope to get back in touch with my spiritual director and maybe schedule our next meeting. But, thankful that talking at conferences isn't what I do.  I like to soak in things sometimes. I need to do that sometimes or I will have nothing to say the rest of the time.

Sixth Take--
Tulip, the rabbit formerly on the top of the blog (named because she consumed nearly all my tulips before they could bloom) has a friend that I now call Lilly. Lilly and Tulip are now working their way through the lilies.  They don't seem to like the day lilies or the iris, just the real lilies.  I am still thinking that rabbit stew would be a good option. Or borrowing a big mean dog for a few weeks. So I took Tulip off the top of the blog.  No sense encouraging her.

Seventh Take--
The end of the school year is coming in a month and I am hitting a perfect storm of busy-ness.  Overdues, my book club competition, inventory and state reports.  When I think about it my head starts to explode.  It has led me into a time when I am not feeling very blogative. I just don't feel like I have anything much to say.  If I had time I would shake up everything again and do different things on the blog.  But I just don't have the energy.  And I am running out of pre-written posts that usually save my busy bacon.  So if you visit here and there is a weird post title and no post, it just means, I got busy and forgot to blog that day, or else my head exploded.  But that seems doubtful. Spontaneous head explosion rarely happens.  It just feels like that some days.

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