Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Takes, vol 62

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Here are mine--
First Look
Got up last Saturday morning and drove from St Louis to Alabama.  It is a long trip. It took us about 9 hours by the time we stopped to eat and walk and use the facilities.  This was not a vacation trip.  My mother in law has recently been put into a nursing home because of her Alzheimer's.  Almost the first thing she said to us was that she wasn't able to go to Mass anymore.  It wasn't in a full sentence but that is what she meant.  When we went to her church on Sunday, we talked to a sister and the priest about arranging a Communion minister to visit her.  It felt good to try to do something for her.

Second Look
MIL Rosie's husband is a WWII vet and a man of his generation, he is a step father to my husband, but his understanding of Alzheimers is that when a person's mind is going, there is nothing they can enjoy or experience that makes any difference.  In Rosie's nursing home, all the rooms were decorated with stuffed animals and pictures and all kinds of things.  Rosie had nothing, just an empty bulletin board.  So Sunday morning we ran into Target and bought all the cheap decorations that we could find and filled up that board.  At least the nurses will know she is loved.  But I think Rosie noticed too. She said, "pretty."  Does that sound like someone who is not capable of experiencing or knowing anything?

Third Look
The bounty of the Lord was shining in all the beautiful spring flowers and trees between Missouri and Alabama.  The trees that were damaged by the ice storm last year were either recovering or dead.  I could still see the results of that storm because I knew what to look for, but by next year, I think nature will have healed and moved on.

Fourth Look
I made an appointment with the foot doctor.  A friend recommended a doctor whose name sounds a little like Humphrey Bogart.  So play it again, Sam.  I have been in pain since December with no real injury.  I kept thinking that it would go away on it's own.  Because pain in my foot has gone away before.  But December was a long time ago really.   I went to the nurse practioner at my doctor's office and she had xrays done and told me to see a foot doctor.  She said he would probably give me a shot.  In the foot.  It makes me ill to write that.  I am a chicken about my feet.  But I have to do something. Monday, I will do something.

Fifth Look
This weekend I will speak at my church on charismatic prayer.  I have been working on this talk, but I still am not completely finished with it.  I hope that the Holy Spirit has it all planned out, because I still have some details that I don't have just right. I have been praying this way most of my life, so I guess that should count for something. The explaining part seems a bit daunting though.

Sixth Look
One cool thing we discovered is that my mother in law's nursing home is probably only 40 miles from Mother Angelica's church complex Blessed Sacrament in Alabama.  Next trip we will have to plan to slide down there for a visit.  We just didn't have time last weekend.  But, I am pushing for a summer trip and taking an extra day to go there. (I know, I digress, but go with your strengths.)

Last Look
Our prayer group met to eat at BreadCo on Tuesday.  It was really fun. We are planning a Holy Spirit Novena at Pentecost in the church (?). (But SHHHH, don't tell Father, we haven't asked him yet.) Praying as a subversive activity? I don't know, but I think we should all be encouraged to pray more.


Maia said...

Found you by way of Conversion Diary. Especially enjoyed your takes including Alabama. Our last duty station was there. As a girl from the NW, I never thought I would say that I missed Alabama, yet I find that I do. Blessings on you for works of mercy for your MIL!

Tami said...

I am so glad you were able to spruce things up for you MIL.

Good luck this weekend, I hope your talk goes well. May the Holy Spirit guide you, and you feel peace in your sharing. You have such wonderful gifts to share, what a treasure you are Mary.