Friday, April 9, 2010

Quick Takes, Vol 61

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts this meme.  Go around and visit the others.  They are little takes on the lives of other bloggers.

Here's mine--

First Take

My school district takes spring break in March before state testing.  I am thankful that they still give us Good Friday and Easter Monday off, calling them Spring Weekend. This is the last break until the end of the year, which is the end of May. Accept for the personal day I will be taking soon to run down to Alabama to check on my mother in law who recently was put in a nursing home with her advancing Alzheimers.

Second Take

In the irony of all ironies, my sister in law and her mother who aren't even Christians, went to Rome on Easter week.  It happened to be an extra vacation day for her, so my sister in law decided that would be a good time to take her mother to see the museums in Rome.  They especially wanted to see the artwork.  I hear they had a little problem with long lines.  I happened to have been in Rome for Easter week in 1973 and I remember the crowds and the lines.  And that was back in the day before many people traveled. Probably a good many of you would imagine that we travelled in covered wagons and stagecoaches so long ago.  But, really we took trains.
Third Take

I decided not to go to the librarian's conference at the lake (of the Ozarks) this year.  I always learn something when I go, but it seems like a long three days.  I miss things in my regular life when I am out at the Lake with the librarians.  It is a wilder time than you would think with those librarians at the conference.  But I wouldn't know. I am not one of those wild librarians. Although I did meet the librarian's on Wednesday for our last get together for the year.

Fourth Take

Blogger's new features and editing are making me crazy.  I can't get the "Take" part to center justify and then switch back to regular for the takes themselves without doing gymnastics and I am tired of that.  Also the 'picture putting on gadget' seems to work differently depending on mood.  At first I blamed when I actually started and labelled the post because I have posts started and labelled through the end of May, but then the picture thing worked two different ways as I was doing one post.  And no, I am not imagining it any more than I am imagining the pain in my foot.

Fifth Take

And yes, my foot still hurts.  If I just knew it would go away, the pain, not the foot, eventually, I would continue to tough it out.  I have a foot doctor recommendation.  Sigh. But I still haven't made the appointment.

Sixth Take

I apologize most sincerely to the following people who came to my blog through the most random of accidents--the reader from Vietnam who was looking for decorating (LOL) tips, the t Mobile person who was looking for foot problem solutions, the person who stumbedupon me (whatever for?), and especially the person who was looking for something to do on a boring Saturday.  This just displays the problem with the average search engine and the typical internet user.  I must do another database, search engine piece for a boring post again.  That will give the last accidental searcher something useful to do with his boring Saturday.  And if you think I can't do it, remember, I am a librarian.
Seventh Take

I am going to quit inviting people to join in the Boring Posts for Saturday.  Anybody is welcome to join, but I don't feel the need to invite anybody anymore.  Just consider it a standing invitation.  I also do a Tuesday Treasures which migh be fun.  See the sidebar if you are interested.


Debbie said...

I used to do all my blogging in Blogger, that is until I found Windows Live Writer. Love it, love it, love it. And it makes picture insertion and customizing much easier. I can't blog without it now.

Anne said...

I didn't realize that you are a librarian! My first job ever was in a public library. I love our library at the seminary! No wonder I liked your blog right away!

I'm glad your foot is still here, but I'm sorry about the pain! No fun!

Jenny said...

My day went to Rome a couple of years ago. He is not Catholic, but waited patiently in long lines to buy rosary bracelets and St Benedict Crucifixes for our family. Someday...

Tami said...

I don't think the pain is going to go away on its own. GO TO THE DOCTOR. Pretty please. :)

Mary said...

I will tend the foot when we get back from Alabama. My first job that paid Social Security was at a library too. Books are my friends.