Monday, April 5, 2010

Notes to Self

I am writing these notes to my former self in no particular order.  As I was growing up I always longed for someone to give me advice and reassurance that things would turn out okay.
Dear Mary Ellen,

Three years old and aren't you a charmer.  You are already a big sister to only one brother so far.  But I suspect your second brother is on the way already.  You have big smile for the camera and you know that you are loved.  You are already Daddy's girl just as your brother is Mom's boy.  Oh, if I could just tell you how to keep that confidence.  You are secure in your world and that is a feeling that you will need to find again at other times in your life.  Remember this time when you were the big sister and the world was your oyster.

And drop that pesky Ellen and don't pick all your your mom's lily of the valley while the ladies from her church were meeting in the livingroom.  Those flowers have a lovely smell, but when you pull them up roots and all they don't grow back.  Remember that about plants.  Only pick the flowers (unless you want to kill them).  The story of the lily of the valley will follow you for the rest of your life.  As will the story of taking the goldfish for a walk in your baby buggy.  The goldfish didn't live either.   Oh, the adventures you had at three.  Keep that adventurous spirit. But stop letting Mom cut your hair.  The bangs are way too short! Just the first in a lifetime of very bad haircuts.
With love,
Your future self


Amanda said...

I love this. I think these 'notes to self' are my favourite feature of your blog. You have a really lovely ability of speaking to 'little Mary'...

I laughed at the reference to your Mom's haircutting. Could be why getting a haircut even today is so traumatic for you?? LOL

dandelionmom said...

I love little Mary Ellen...I want to hug her sweet self. She would have understood the bunny with the tulips too. ;)

Mary said...

Thanks for the hugs and the sweet remarks. It really is completely staring at my own bellybutton to write myself public notes. The only saving grace is, there are not too many of you out there reading these self reflections.

I HAVE 2 TULIPS BLOOMING OUT OF THE NUMEROUS BULBS I PLANTED LAST FALL. I AM NOT SURE THAT MARY ELLEN WOULD APPRECIATE THE BUNNY. Did I ever tell you about the toads I 'rescued' and those baby mice that looked like little pink erasers? I was a killer even back then, just not on purpose.

Dawn Farias said...

That's a bit Lenny of you!! LOL.

These notes are a really great idea.

Mary said...

Dawn, you make me feel so old--Lenny? I'm not getting that. I am guessing someone who kills animals?

I sometimes feel that my notes give too much of me away. Like Old Woman does in her streaking posts. But, I am sure she would disagree.

Dawn Farias said...

Oh, Library Ann! Perhaps I have the character's name wrong. Isn't it Lenny from Of Mice and Men that accidentally kills the mice by loving them too much?

Mary said...

I am so ashamed, my dad was a huge Steinbeck fan but it has been 40 years since I read that book and I had forgotten. I was thinking Lenny and Squiggy and I bet you don't get that reference unless you watched Nick at Night. I knew there had to be another Lenny out there some where.

Footprints Diary said...

Hi Mary,
Thank you for sharing a beautiful part of your childhood.

I remember picking oranges that were hanging over the fence, only to arrive home and be told to return them to their rightful owner. It was such a horrifying experience, and the lady was very rude to me - I was only six years old. :P

I have never picked anything hanging over the fence again - it had such an impact on me.

Have a wonderful week,
Love and blessings,
Jillian ♥

P.S. I have my Tuesday Treasure up. :)

Tami said...


I do enjoy your notes to self. Thank you for sharing them with us. They are food for thought for the rest of us. Many of life's lessons aren't just for young children. I find myself learning the same lessons, over and over again. :)
As for the rabbits, when tulips are involved, I say make stew. Sorry Dandeliomom.
However, in looking at your header, those rascally rabbits are still alive and hopping.