Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hope Echoes--Charismatic Prayer, Part I

On Wednesdays I am harkening back to the name of the blog and what I had hoped to do when I started.  I find it easier to do the silly stuff about me these days, but at least once a week, I am trying to reflect upon the Gospel in my life through these Hope Echoes posts.

This particular Hope Echoes I will recap part of the talk I gave on Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago on charismatic prayer.  I will tell this story in parts.

Charismatic Prayer, Part One

Understanding and explaining charismatic prayer begins with an understanding of the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit has moved through the church from the beginning and continues to move today.  The apostles, many of the saints throughout the ages, our priests, bishops, popes and otehr church leaders have all been moved by the Holy Spirit. Over the past 40 years the movement of the Holy Spirit has been most evident with in the charismatic renewal.

As we listen to the readings at church during the Easter season we are called to meditate on those days after Christ died and rose.  Think of the disciples who had experienced Jesus in life, witnessed the miracles he performed, listened to his teachings, followed him to his death, saw him risen and still they were hiding out in the upper room and they were still out fishing.  What brought about the change in them that led to our church today, that led them to follow his teachings.  At his Ascension into heaven, Christ said that he would send them the Holy Spirit.  When the disciples were in the upper room on Pentecost a wind blew through and tongues of fire were present over their heads.  They were filled with the Holy Spirit at that moment and they were changed.

When the Holy Spirit came upon them they believed.  They began finally to follow the great command to cure the sick and raise the dead and preach the Good News to all the ends of the earth.  The Holy Spirit in their lives made all the difference.  Since Pentecost the Holy Spirit has moved within the community of believers and moved throughout the whole church.  We are Pentecost people, or we are nothing.  Through the Holy Spirit we can call Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and Master of our lives.

Thus ends part one of charismatic prayer.


Mary333 said...

Great post! I recently started attending a "Life in the Spirit Seminar" and am amazed at how much I learn from this. I went years ago but I am getting much more from it the second time around! Looking forward to your next post on the subject :)

abroadermark said...

You mean we have to wait all the way till next Wednesday for part two?! No fair!

Good post, Marsidotes. I'm gonna go share it with my a couple of my youngens now.

Mary said...

Next Wednesday is part Two. That is as fast as I can go. I already have two typos in that piece that I didn't see until it was posted. Oh well, only God is perfect.

And my Moose is coming over for dinner tonight, so I had better get cooking!

Mary said...

And welcome Mary333. I am amazed that you found this post, but I certainly do my share of Life In the Spirit Seminars, so you are right up my alley.

And, ABM, what exactly are you sharing with the kids from that? It was just the introduction.

Amanda said...

I liked your words: "we are Pentecost people or we are nothing".

I wouldn't like to attempt to even walk with Him, without having experienced Pentecost within my own life. It would be too hard, and lifeless.

The Church was in the wilderness when they came to Mt Sinai, the place of the very first Pentecost. Where were they off too? The Promised Land. We need to follow the biblical pattern. It is how He does things... in order, according to a plan.

Looking forward to installment 2 ;)

Tami said...

You are so right. Without the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, we are mere humans. . .prone to sin, selfishness and insecurity. Yet, breath that life into us, and look out. God can do great things through us!
I'm excited about you getting back to your roots here at Hope Echoes.

Mary said...

Even with the Holy Spirit dwelling within we can still be prey to sin, but we can also have moments of greatness.