Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

And Good Friday to you all.  One of my uncles used to plant potatoes on Good Friday.  I do not remember why exactly.  But planting potatoes would be as good as anything else on this day.  Personally, I like to go to Stations of the Cross.  This year I bought the little booklet that is like the one we use in church so I may say them on my own, if I can't make it to the stations at church.


Anne said...

What a beautiful crucifix with the Resurrected Christ around it.

Mary said...

Yes, it is a treasure. The story goes that a man who lost his son paid an artist to create this image of the resurrected Christ around the existing cross at our old church. When we built the new church it was one of the only things we brought with us to "St Paraclete's." (And if you are Catholic you can no doubt guess the real name of my church.)

Tami said...

I agree, the Stations are so uplifting. Not the actual Stations, but seeing the example that Christ provided in that walk is so inspiring. If He could get up and walk for me, well I can put on my big girl panties and be a nice girl too!
We enjoyed a beautiful children's version with friends and family last night. A very centering way to spend Good Friday.
I love the Crucifix. So glad it came along to the new church.