Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garrulous Recap of the Weekend

Friday, hubby and I worked separately on our talks for the weekend.  We holed up at separate computers and prayed and tried to let the Holy Spirit lead us to the talks we needed to give to the people we would encounter.

Saturday, hubby went off and gave his talk in the morning to a mini retreat of men preparing for an Acts retreat.  As he said he had a captive audience.  It went well.  Saturday afternoon we piddled and I continued to work on my own talk for Sunday morning, the one I knew about 6 months ago. Saturday evening we vegged and watched television which is a rare thing for us.

Sunday morning we went to church, having already been to 5 pm Mass on Saturday.  As I walked to church, there was a hawk on the church roof.  For me the hawks are a theophany--a God is present moment.  At the first session there were 5 people including my husband and myself.  So, not gangbusters, but I gave my teaching and we discussed questions and concerns and we prayed.  Then nobody showed up for the second session and my hubby didn't want me to give it for him again, so after 15 minutes, we left and went out for lunch.  I could be all down about the small number of people who heard the word I had to proclaim, but I know that those were the 3 people who were called.  It was a good exercise just to figure out what to say.  And I am so glad that it is over.

Father and Associate Father have been officially asked about the Holy Spirit Novena that we are involved with planning.  This lady we are working with is a white tornado!  She is moving forward with brochures and calling people and lining up support.  I am amazed at the love of the Lord that this lady has. My past experiences in this parish would not lead me to believe that this Novena would be allowed to come to pass, but I am in awe that it has already come so far. I am lifting up prayers of support and encouragement that we might see the fruits the Spirit in this effort.

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Tami said...

What a beautiful heart you have. I love your finding the silver lining, and appreciating where God has you at that moment. A nice lesson for all.
Yeah about the Holy Spirit novena. That is exciting. We need to set our Catholic Churches on fire for Christ!