Thursday, April 15, 2010

Decorating '10--Bathroom

About 4 years ago I started working on my bathroom.  It had very ugly tired wallpaper that was half falling off the wall.  So the big project was stripping and painting.  It was hard work, but I got it done after working almost all summer on it.  In the process I ruined the woodwork with my painter's tape.  That fake plastic veneer stuff strips right off with that tape.  Who knew?

I also changed the towel holder and had plans to change out the light. Which looked like this---

It really wasn't terrible and who looks at the bathroom lights anyway? Certainly not me, but I had my plans to 'decorate.'  The problem was, there was a really big hole behind this fixture and the original 'new' fixture I had purchased didn't cover the hole I discovered after taking the whole thing down.  So I went immediately and traded it in for a new new fixture.  Which sat around our house in a box for four years.
Easter weekend, my hubby paid our occasional handyman to put up the new fixture I got four years ago.    It was done when I came home and my hubby put the light bulbs from the original fixture in the new one.  I had not yet purchased the globe things. I really didn't need those sitting around the house.

The next day I went to Lowes and look!  My camera is really having issues, but you can get the idea. It is much brighter than the picture shows.

And now I find that I need to do some touch up painting.  And  I am such a good painter. LOL.  The details will get me every time. 

I have to say I am so happy that I have scheduled this once a month decorating report because it keeps me going.  And one boring post or another, I write more for me than for you all anyway. And the Lodge was such a popular feature on the Pioneer Woman's blog.  Like comparing a birthday candle to a torch. Maybe that lurker from Vietnam who showed up on my stats seeking decorating advice will come back. (And I am truly laughing out loud because I had an email telling me that I could do a give away of some kind of home decorating something because I had such a high quality blog that would interest readers who were doing decorating. I haven't laughed so hard in at least a year. I think I will pass.)


abroadermark said...

Ooooweeeee, you are gettin' with it, girl!! I really like the new fixture! Congratulations on finishing something. :D

Mary said...

Finished, who said I'm finished? I need to paint the walls. Again. I need to replace or fix the vanity and cabinet with the fake wood peeled off. The floor has dents and is worn and ugly. And I need to regrout parts of the bathtub area. But I do have a very nice light and shower curtain so I will choose to look at those and not the rest.