Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boring Posts for Saturday--Alabama

It started as a joke and has become a cause.  Be boring on Saturday.

It's that time again,  Boring Posts for Saturday.  Leave a comment if you have one.

Here's mine--

My husband's grandma was far into Alzheimers before I came into the family.  I remember visiting her only once or twice in the nursing home after we were married.  She passed away when our son Moose was a tiny baby.  It seemed to me that she was an old old woman, but really she was only in her seventies when she died.

Her daughter Rosie, my mother in law, has been traveling farther and farther away from us with Alzheimers for many years now.  Recently she went into a nursing home and has been in and out of the hospital since then.  She is far into Alzheimers.  It is a cruel disease.  It steals away the mind and leaves the body there.

There is so much Alzheimers in my husband's family that I worry for him and for my son.  I should work harder for a cure, I suppose.  The sad truth is, I just don't like to think about it.

If our plans go through, we may be on the road this weekend to see Rosie and her husband.  Although they live in Alabama, many miles from here, we usually go down one day and come back the next.  I am lobbying to leave the evening before and travel partway just to break up the trip a bit.

When we go to Alabama it always feels as though we are looking for a person who isn't there anymore.  I have come to realize that I need to see the person who is left and appreciate whatever life she has.  It is too early to mourn for what we have lost.  That day will come one day.  But only God knows the day and the hour.

If you have a boring post, leave a comment and we will come visit. (Or I will when I get home, if in fact, I go away this weekend.)


Dawn Farias said...

I have come to realize that I need to see the person who is left and appreciate whatever life she has.

This is a good point. I do so hope no one close to me ever goes through that!

BTW, now that we have our boys enrolled in soccer and have games on Saturdays, I finally understand why blogland is so slow on this day!

Amanda said...

Mary, I have a few thoughts to offer here. I hope you don't mind.

My grandmother had Alzheimers and so did a couple of her children, whom have all since passed away. My dad was 2nd youngest of 7 children, is in his early 70's now. He doesn't have any signs of it at this stage. I did see a bit of a heredity thing happening, as aunts etc suffered from this horrible and cruel disease.

My dad used to say 'it seems to be in the family', as genetics are in play. I used to worry about such things.

Anyway, when I became a new Christian, I took these concerns to Him. He spoke to my heart, very strongly, and very surely, about His Word and His promises for all of life's situations.

He gaves me this scripture:
2 Tim 1:7 "For God hath not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind"

When I became a child of His, He revealed to me that I was no longer under the bloodline of my natural parentage, but under the Blood(line) of His. I was still related, of course, to my family, but I am now linked and related to Him... body, soul and spirit. That entitles me to the blessings of His protection and healing and fullness of His life. No longer under the curse of this world, and all it has to offer ie genetic disease etc. I am now His child, and will always have a sound mind, if my heart is ever after Him.

I hope this encourages you dear sister. Refuse the curse of that hideous disease. Pray and believe. It is not your (or your hubby's)inheritance, if indeed your faith is in Christ.

Praise you Lord, for your promises are Amen and Amen!

Mary said...

Thanks, Dawn and Amanda, for your kind comments. I will remember that we are under the blood of Christ. And this thing I know, that nothing happens wihtout God's full knowledge in His kingdom and all things work together for the good for them who love the Lord (not the exact quote). And in this world we will have troubles, but Christ has conquered the world. Actually my MIL was not as far gone as I had thought from the reports we had had from my step father in law. She could still laugh with us and she still loved peanut butter cups and ice cream and we brought her both of those things. And you aren't gone yet if you can still enjoy your favorite food.

Dawn, I'm just saying, to everything there is a season, and for you it is the season for Saturday soccer. You go, Soccer mom!