Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boring Post for Saturday--National De-Lurkers Day

It's that time, time for Boring Posts for Saturday.  If you want to play along, borrow the logo and leave a comment.  Seriously, leave a comment.

Here's mine--

As I look at my blog stats, it occurs to me that I have people.  I have good caring lovely people.  There isn't one of them, of you, I wouldn't hug.  So, hey, Peeps!
Welcome to my bloggy world and thanks for putting up with my boringness.

And most of you I know in one way or another.  I read your blogs or your comments.  Most of you are so much wiser and funnier and everything than I am, but you let me play along.  At least I am consistent.

And you are probably asking why I put that old picture of Hannah and Dodger there.  Well, it is a metaphor to the way I feel about some of you.  Hannah wanted so much to get to know Dodger that she would sneak up and get as close as she could and stare at him.  After a while it would un-nerve him and he would move on.  Well, I'm not planning to move on.  But I find myself infinitely curious about you lurky-Lous.  I have at least five readers from the St Louis area and I don't know for sure who any of you might be.

It doesn't really matter one way or another who you are.  Not really, but I'm frankly just curious whether you know me and are reading this on the sly.  Or did you just happen on a hometown St Louis blog and get curious?  I have done that myself a time or two.  But, this is why I wonder, because most of my readers leave comments and my stats even show me that you Lurky Lous read the comments.  But, you don't comment, Lurky Lous.  So, do, do comment.  I promise not to come visit you or even greet you at the grocery if you don't want me to, but who are you, Lou?  Who?

Now if that doesn't scare them away, I can't think what will. LOL

If you have a boring post, leave a comment.  I'll be around later.


Jen said...

Hi Mary,

I'm one of your Lurky Lou's. I found you a few months back via Conversion Diary, where you wrote something about living in St Louis. I've enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you (and trying to figure out exactly where you live when you refer to "the Heights." Is it Maryland Heights, Richmond Heights? Some neighborhood called the Heights?) And I keep trying to figure out your church from the pics too, but no help there. :)

Anyway, I live in Affton, am a member of St. Dominic Savio and blog at homescribbles dot blogspot dot com.

Thanks for the welcome!


abroadermark said...

It worked!! IT WORKED, Library Anne!! One of your Lurky Lous has come forward, and she seems real nice. Okay, you other four Lous, come out, come out, whoever you are and make our Mary's day! :D

Mary said...

Welcome, Jen, ABM is right you do seem very, very nice. I am glad I got to meet you. I am at one of those Heights you referred to, the northern one. I call my church St. Paracletes, but any good Catholic could figure out the real name. My hubby asks that I try to keep some layer of protection so that just anybody, anywhere in the world might have at least a tiny bit of difficulty figuring out exactly where I live and who I am.

So, ABM is right, where are the rest of you Lurky Lous?

Amanda said...

Mary, 1 out of 5 ain't bad ;) LOL

Footprints Diary said...

Hi Mary,
I am another of your Lurky Lous. :)

I found your blog via Amanda's, and sometimes I have posted but sometimes I just lurk in the background - and I thought you'd never know! *Silly me*

I am from the mid-north of South Australia in Australia. Two out of five - the averages are getting better. :)

Have a wonderful and blessed week,
Love, Jillian ♥

Amanda said...

Jillian, she means there are lurkers from the "Lou", which is in USA... and these lurkers never comment, except the nice lady who commented first on this post. You have commented before and you come from a different place, so you don't count as a lurky lou. Sorry ;)

Mary said...

Jillian can be a lurky Lou if she wants to be, but you are right, Amanda, I have Jillian on my blog roll, so in some small way I do know who she is. And I get a little thrill when I see Australia out there in the stats like I had wonderful visitors from afar.

The Lurky Lous are a different matter because I suspect that at least one of them knows me in real time. It just seems more friendly if I know who she is, but if she is shy, I will have to be on good behavior. Maybe not show my cleaning disasters so much.

Mary said...

And interestingly enough only Jen has continued to read so that she shows up on the stats, the other Lurky Lous are either on vacation or they previewed through a reader and decided not to click in and appear on my stats. But they won't be able to read the comments if they do it that way. So, you other Lurky Lous, come out to play, do.

Dawn Farias said...

Hey, one came out of the woodwork. Yay!

Re: boring posts for Saturday... it has actually become that we are BUSY on Saturdays. Gasp. I never knew just how that happened for others but between the boys soccer games and my moving grocery day to Saturday, well, there you have it. That takes up our entire day!!

But I will continue to read YOUR Saturday posts.