Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Treasures--Turtle

It is time to photgraph your treasures and share them with us.  Leave a comment if you write about a treasure today that you want us to see.

Here's mine--
This is a little turtle that came from Mexico.  I bought it at old San Diego.  It fits with things that I like because it is ceramic.  It is blue.  It makes a little container for things.
But it isn't very big, so it doesn't hold much.  A little bit of change fits quite nicely.
The thing I love the most is that it was obviously hand painted.  No two turtles are just alike.  This one is unique.  And cute.

If you have a treasure leave a comment and I will come visit your space and take a look at your treasure.


dandelionmom said...

Cute! remember the No turtles in the nose rule though!

mines up too!

Jody Blue said...

Don't you just love little things that hold little things:) So cute.