Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thoughts Proffered from the Weekend

Last week was my spring break.  I had originally planned to have my floor redone in the kitchen.  Then that was overtaken by the need to go down to Alabama and see my mother in law in the nursing home.  Then that was overtaken by my 88 year old mother's elective gallbladder surgery in Quincy.  So I ended up there for most of my break.
This is the Hyvee.  It is the grocery where my mom shops and I ran there to get her things while I took care of her.

Just 2 shops down, look, a BreadCo.!  I learned to WiFi there which made me feel daring and reckless and smart.  So I updated and read and commented on a couple of blogs before I ran over to buy whatever I was sent to get.  At the Hyvee.

This is the view of Quincy from my mom's hospital window.  The spire is St Francis Church.  It was a lovely view. Mom is doing great.  I hope if I ever get my gallbladder out I do as well.  And I hope I am not 88 years old.

It was a beautiful spring day on Friday when I tooled back to the Lou.  Just on the cusp of thinking that I could turn on the car air conditioner, but not quite.  Then it was cold and rained on Saturday.  By cold I mean 40s and we didn't get that pesky snow that visited so many other places.  Finally, I feel like the weather has an appreciation for my fantasy that I do live in the SOUTH.
And this is the proof. I came home to this.

My hubby and I looked at some houses on Saturday.  It is our dream to move into a slightly larger place. Perhaps we are just dreamers.  I know for sure that our likes and dislikes are vastly different.

On Sunday a good friend was presenting something on Contemplative Prayer.  I went to support her and to see what she did so the I would know what kind of thing would be expected next month when I talk about Charismatic Prayer.  If I ever get it written I will share on 101 Wednesday or on some random Thursday.

I went back to ordinary templates because the other ones loaded slow on my computer and that made me frustrated.  I think my Explorer needs updating, but what do I know?

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