Thursday, March 11, 2010

Report from the Book Fair

It is Parent Teacher Conferences tonight which will close out the Book Fair.  So far I have sold over $1000 worth of mostly books and a little bit of stuff that I refer to as 'crap.'  I need to sell about $1000 more tonight in order to make this Book Fair a success.  And sigh, I don't really care a great deal about being a success, but it is what it is.  Today a couple of 8th grade boys stole an $18 book and if I could remember their names I would be after them for sure.  I am glad I don't work in a store and deal with that all of the time.

So I left for work at 7:15am and I will be here until at least 8:30pm and back again tomorrow for a half day and then spring break next week.  I will be ready to say good bye to this place for a week by tomorrow.  My AC isn't working in the library and it is hot hot hot.  That is because we live in the south and I have no windows that open in this room.  And have I mentioned that it is hot? And that I live in the south?

Ready set go, sell a thousand dollars worth of books and crap before 8:30 tonight!

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Tami said...

Oh please send me some of your heat. Pretty please with a cherry on top? Western WA has a very temperate climate, which in the winter is good. . .not so cold. But in the summer, not so hot. I have come to love HOT weather, so I am hoping I don't freeze this summer. Alas, I have my memories of soaking up the beautiful OK sun from last summer to sustain me.