Friday, March 26, 2010

Quick Takes, Vol. 60

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts this meme/ carnival to share quick thoughts from the week.  Here are mine--

Coming off of spring break I had another week of run, Mary, run faster.  On Monday evening I had a lector workshop.  I was only trained two years ago so it seemed that there couldn't be much that I have forgotten.  Lectoring is what it is.  I spend a lot of time praying over and studying the readings.  And practicing the hard words. I have two gigs coming up this Easter season.  The last of which is Pentecost.  It seems as if I always pull the Pentecost readings. I wonder what the message is there?
On Tuesday there was prayer group.  It feels so wonderful to have the prayer group back together. I really love those people.  They are my small faith community.When they all showed up it seemed like I was home.
On Wednesday I had an appointment for spiritual direction.  My director is suffering from something that has defied diagnosis and so direction was cancelled this month. Later I had Yayas, my women's scripture study/ prayer group.  I skipped that two weeks ago and I had really missed them.
On Thursday I had only one meeting after my kids book club after school. Nothing after that!  Oh, did that feel good.  I am not spending enough time recharging my batteries.  I have been entirely too busy lately.  I need a chance to recharge and renew myself.  I am getting too old to have meetings every night.
Spring is not only officially here, it is actually here. This year we didn't slide into it gradually. It just switched on like a light.  I truly and completely love spring.  And I couldn't have it if we didn't have winter.  I know, I have done without it in Hawaii and Florida.  So the bounty of having to go through the winter is spring and I can say that it was worth it.  Thank You, God for the spring!
It is interesting to me how the week turned out compared to what I wrote for my Quick Takes over the weekend.  God has surprises thrown in there to keep me from being complacent.  I feel sometimes that my days are full to the brim and yet I am not doing the things I am called to do.  I am praying about that.  I need balance.
Join me tomorrow for Boring Posts for Saturday or on Tuesday for Tuesday Treasures.


abroadermark said...

Yes, yes, YES - Thank God for the spring!! And for the winter too. I guess.

So, what do you think the Pentecost lectoring message is? There has to be some sort of cool Marsidotes and the Holy Spirit connection here, dontcha think?

Okay, I've been sitting here on my big ol' fanny long enough. I MUST go do something motherly, or homeschool teachery, or at least housewife-ish.


Dawn Farias said...

Yes, spring is wonderful!