Friday, March 19, 2010

Quick Takes, Vol. 59

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This 7 Quick Take thing is a challenge this week due to my mom's surgery which happened Wednesday.  The trick is, once I go up to Q, I have no reliable computer access. So I am scheduling this post in advance. I might be able to take a laptop into a McD's or the public library  Panera Bread, but that will depend on Mom being well enough to leave her.  So I am posting these a head of time, hoping that I can nip in and change things if I have a plan change or even if I don't.
Several teachers were going places for spring break like Florida and NYC and I admit that I felt pangs, but not everybody is blessed enough to have an 88 year old mother, so I just have to appreciate what I have and not long for what I don't. Mom came through surgery well and didn't even need much in the way of pain medication. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
As I mentioned yesterday in my library report the Book Fair last week was collected 3 hours earlier than I expected. Some families came by after the Book Fair was gone and were really mad and threatened to complain that it was gone.  I reflected on how really spoiled and self-serving we are in this country sometimes.  If we are disappointed, if something doesn't go our way, how often do we feel that we have the right, the responsibility, to complain to the authorities so that our "pain" can be corrected, so that we don't have to endure the disappointment again.

I just smiled and said polite things.  What I wanted to say was--It was only a BOOK FAIR with overpriced junk and some nice books.  You could get any of it at the bookstore down the street or online or even directly from the book fair company.  It was open for more than a week at school and the sign clearly says--the book fair will close at 9am Friday.  The book fair being gone was not a national emergency.
We have been looking at houses lately.  We have our eyes on a couple.  It is hard to choose and difficult to decide if we really want to move.  Well, yes, we really want to be moved, as in not live here anymore, but the physical act of moving will be a chore.  We are praying for a leading to make an offer.  Unless the Lord build a house, vain is my labor.
The grape hyacinths and jonquils are blooming around here. Finally, the winter is over.  The robins are waking me up in the morning and a fat momma to be rabbit is living in my flowerbed.  I think I may go out and read her the Tale of Peter Cottontail. Just call me Mrs. MacGregor.
This week ended the Life In the Spirit Seminar at a neighboring parish.  That means that on Tuesdays we will be back to prayer group again next week.  And boy, oh boy, do I have some ideas for prayer group.  I think I may stay very busy just doing teachings for prayer group from now on.
I went to a program on Love and Forgiveness on Tuesday morning at my parish.  It was inspirational to hear the witness of someone who was able to find love and forgiveness in her life.  The interesting thing that I found was that the speaker said first you love and then you forgive.  I thought it was the other way around.  So I will have to ponder this and try to love because maybe that will be the secret to forgiving that I haven't discovered yet.

****UPDATED to ADD*****
I arrived back in the Lou at 1pm.  The flowers in the back are blooming!  I came home to spring.  I am so happy to have the weekend at home.  Especially since they have predicted 2 inches of snow up in Q (where my mom lives) for the weekend.


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Tami said...

Hmmm. . .she may be on to something. If I love someone it is much easier to be forgiving. Thank you for sharing that tip. Lord knows I need the help.