Friday, March 12, 2010

Quick Takes, Vol. 58

Jen at the Conversion Diary hosts these 7 Quick Takes and has continued during Lent despite her blogging fast.  Here are mine--

  1. Spring came last weekend.  The weather turned from winter to spring.  Just like that.  It will take a while for the flowers and trees to catch up.  This has been one very hard winter.  But we survived.  I can't imagine that it will snow again, but anything is possible. On Tuesday evening when we got home I smelled the odor I describe as drowned earth worm.  You know the smell?  Acrid, earthy and sweet as springtime.

  2. I love to go to Stations of the Cross at my church on Friday evenings in Lent.  There is something familiar and deeply meaningful to me in saying stations.  It seems that the younger set is never part of these sorts of things.  I find that rather sad because perhaps these practices will eventually die off. 

  3. Today is the end of the book fair at my school and the beginning of my spring break.  My mom is having gall bladder surgery next week so I will spend part of the week with her.  I hope I survive and that she does.  I am not a very good nursey type of person.  I won't even have the blog to keep me company when I am up in Q. But, never fear, I have done scheduled posts.

  4. One aspect of my life that I have been probing with my prayers has been why I am still sometimes brought to my knees in pain over losing a baby 21 years ago.  It has come to me that I got upset this winter when someone promoting a Right to Life program where they had been went on and on about how the speaker had told them that babies who die before they are born can never fully know God. That took me to a place that hurt very deeply because I had so longed for annointing of the sick before I lost my baby.  Even though I was in the hospital several days, no priest, even my own, visited and I was not able to receive that sacrament or even Eucharist.  And even though I know that that speaker had no telescope to Heaven or sure knowledge that what he was saying was correct and although I know that the person who reported this may not have gotten the message correctly, it brought me to a place where I was unsure and where I hurt.  It has been hard to shake this.  I look forward to discussing this in spiritual direction this month. (Probably all this is Too Much Information)

  5. I am not a big fish fry fan, at the church school cafeteria fish fry.  I don't do fried for one thing.  I do love fish, but I like it baked.  But the thing is on Friday, after a long week at work, the very last thing I want to do is cook or clean up a fish fry.  And it seems that the church is beating the bushes for fish fry volunteers because the regulars are getting older.  I really don't want to do fish fry.  I vote, no fish fry if I have to work at it. Cap'n Dees and Long J's works for me.

  6. If you have a boring post join me tomorrow for Boring Posts for Saturday. (And if you have any post at all, you are invited tojoin in the fun.)

  7.  Carrying Christ out into the world, to every corner and backwoods, that is the challenge.  Not to remain on top of the mountain with the glory, but holding onto the glory while facing the world and all of it's attacks and all of it's charms and all of it's temptations.  Carrying Christ where Christ is needed by so many.


Tami said...

I am not a theologian, but I have a problem with that statement about babies not fully knowing God. It doesn't jive with the Bible or our church teaching.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Jeremiah 1:5

You formed by inmost being; . . .so wonderfully you made me. Psalm 139:13-14

These passages show God's deep knowledge of us. Along with this, if you are an innocent child, you would go to heaven. In heaven I am sure we will all have a very intimate knowledge of God. No?

I'm sorry for your loss. I think losing a child is something that leaves a scab on your heart. At any point that scab can be ripped off, and the healing begins anew. I pray for peace and healing for you.

Dawn Farias said...

I was going to say just what Tami did. I'm sorry those words hurt you.

Mary said...

Tami, (and Dawn and all) I totally agreed with you and had come to that place a long time ago. That is why I was so taken aback by my pain when those things were said about unborn babies not fully knowing God. I am reaching a place where I need to confront my emotions about the whole thing so that I will not be bowled over by statements like those that I know do not accurately reflect God's love. I just need to talk with my older sister in faith, my spiritual director, to give me the courage to face and replace the emotions that hurt me so much.

Amanda said...

Yes amen Mary... I also agree with Tami.

It still hurts at times, because you still need healing for your grief, your loss. I believe even forgiving God, and oftentimes yourself, are huge keys to complete healing too. (And I know, that a miscarriage is not a mother's fault, but still, we can harbour some 'blame' in our hearts even when it's completely illogical).

These days, I find it extremely liberating and ultimately a wonderful experience, to reface the hurts of the past. He doesn't want us carrying around any undealt with pain and grief. Isn't He wonderful?!!!

Love to you,

abroadermark said...

Ack!! It's really hard for me to talk about pregnancy loss right now, but I am going to say this: I know where you're coming from, sista. I had an experience similar to the one you had with the Right to Life promoter a few months back, and it kinda threw me for a loop too. You WILL be with your baby one day. I just know it! Love ya, Mary (no Ellen)!

abroadermark said...

Tuna salad sandwiches worked for us yesterday. For lunch and dinner. Talk about sacrifice!

Mary said...

Amanda, et al.,
I have worked through forgiving myself and forgiving the baby as well for not ending up in the right place. The issue for me now has more to do with the priest(s) who let me down and the church that was not there for me then and is even now somtimes more concerned about hating abortion than it is being compassionate to the pain of people who have lost babies. I am getting over it because I was able to speak about it (Right ABM?). And in some strange sisterhood, I feel a little better kowing that I was not the only one who received that message from the pro-life people. And I am not anti-pro-life at all. What I am looking for is a scriptural response in love that I can say to people who might try to put words in God's mouth and claim that my baby or anybody's baby doesn't know Him. So I am taking it to my spiritual director because she will make me cry and then she will tell me the things I need to hear and say to others. And then we will pray about it.