Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Memories

My dad was one of those guys who was really good with little kids.  Nephews and cousins and the kids of friends, my dad was really good at entertaining them.  He liked to show things to kids and do things with them. He treated them like people not some strange and unusual species. I have a couple of cousins who remember my dad as grandpa because our real grandpa died long ago.

But my dad was so thrilled when he really became a grandpa. My son was the only grandchild born before he died.   Unfortunately my son was not yet 2 years old when he died and we lived on the other side of the world and so he has no memory of the grandpa who loved him so much. Before we went to Okinawa, Japan we stayed a couple of weeks on the farm with my folks.  This blurry picture shows my dad who took his eleven month old grandson out on the tractor.  Moose was a little young to enjoy that and it was unfortunately the last time they had together, just the two of them.  Some memories are bittersweet. (I think Moose was more afraid that the dog Sham was going to eat him than anything else.)

I can see my dad in the way my brothers are with their kids (and grandchild).  They learned how to be a man who enjoyed kids from my dad. 

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Amanda said...

I never really had a grandfather... both my parents lost their fathers when they were children. I would have dearly loved to have known a 'grandpa.