Sunday, March 14, 2010

Litotes of the Weekend

Okay, that is really pushing it for the vocabulary.  But, at least I am using the word a day calendar.  Litotes is an understatement whereby an affirmative is expressed by the negative of a positive.  Like all toddlers say--I'm not never going to eat spinach.

Friday evening I went to Stations of the Cross at church as is my practice during Lent.  I reflected that it is a little like being a witness for Christ.  It is the tiniest thing I can do to recognize the magnitude of the Cross.  It was the usual crowd of about 20 souls.  Then I came home and played with blogger templates and really screwed messed things up on the blog.  I was unable to post anything new for a while, it kept dumping me off and forgetting everything I did.  I was not happy.  So I shoved up the redbud in the header and tried to make it look okay, because Saturday was "Boring Posts" and I might have 10 hits and what if they saw the mess my house blog was in?  I am so thankful that they can't see the house unless I show them.

Saturday I slunk back to Weight watchers and vowed to try try try again.  I grocery shopped.  Then while hubby was out in the afternoon, I worked on the blog again and tried the neat new template designer thing again.  I didn't try the dandelion again which really messed up on Friday night.  I am doing this pink which is pretty, but not really me.  I talked via cell phone to my son, The Moose, and told him about his grandma's surgery next week and that his other grandma who is in a nursing home is once again in the hospital.  He chided me for not informing him, and I reminded him that he often doesn't answer when I call, so if he wants to stay in the loop, it is on him.  That shut him up.  I said it nicely too.

Sunday was more of the usual and then more of that. I got in touch with my sister to organize who is going to be there for Mom's surgery and recovery next week. She is staying over night Tuesday before surgery.  I am going up Wednesday and staying until Saturday or Sunday.  It doesn't seem exactly equitable distribution, but that is not what we are called to do, is it?  Still, I dread spending Wednesday through Saturday up there in Mom's little apartment taking care of her.  Enjoy this time with her, do what you can for her while she is in the land of the living, I say to myself.  Maybe it won't be so bad.  Maybe it will be great. Think positive.

And Sunday I noticed that the template designer on blogger was missing.  Had they withdrawn it?  Were there too many bugs?  Does that mean I was stuck with Barbie pink forever?  Or would it come back someday with dandelions and other joys? And then there it was so I switched to blue.  I really like this template designer thingy.

If I take the laptop with me to Q this week maybe I can blog using wireless at McD's.  You never know. I could switch colors on my blog until the cows come home.


Jackie said...

lol I like your new blog design .

Amanda said...

I like this new blog design Mary... it is hard to chose a new look sometimes, when there are so many great designs out there.

I hope your Mum's (Mom's lol) surgery goes very well. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised when you stay... I am sure it will be a nice rest for you despite looking after your mum.

I have a new blog. Decided to step out again, and just use my time wisely with it. I enjoy the freedom of speech way too much to not have a blog on hand, as blogs are willing to take whatever you wish to dish out to them lol. I am mentioning this to you, because you feature in one of my first posts. Please take a look when you get the chance...

Tami said...

I love the green.

Good luck with Weight Watchers. I find my biggest struggle with fitness is keeping on keeping on. As I get older, my body doesn't hold it's shape like it used to. I'm currently doing a good program that is giving me results, but I know if I stop for even a week it will be back to the beginning. That is the struggle. Our lives are so easy, that it is hard. (My grandma never had to "exercise", she just worked on the farm!)

I hope you have a nice time with your mom. How nice that you are able to be there for her.