Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Pats

I'm packing to head up to Q to be with my mom as she recovers from the gallbladder surgery she is having this morning.  My sister is with her in the part A of this journey, the surgery.  I am there for part B, the recovery.  Talking to my mom Sunday evening she is convinced that she will be fine by Friday and I will be able to come home.  We shall see.  She has been right about such things before.  But if you can spare a prayer for her, lift one up.

Last night at the Life in the Spirit Seminar our leader revealed that she is facing some very tough health issues.  She spent the weekend in the hospital and goes in today again for an MRI to try to pin down what is wrong.  She is a little younger than I am with 3 sons, the youngest still in high school.  The long and the short of it is that she may face brain surgery.  I can guarantee that there are priests and even bishops praying for her, but if any of you could spare a prayer for Jayne, lift one up as well.

So I am stalling when I should be packing.  I hope that you all remember to wear green today and don't get pinched.  I hope to catch up at the free Wi Fi places around Q.  If not, surely I will be back by Sunday.


dandelionmom said...

I am praying for your mom--and you as you face that hardest thing for you--inability to make things all better.

Tami said...

Praying for your mom, Jayne, and you!
Have a safe journey.

Mary said...

I'm here. All good news so far.