Thursday, March 18, 2010


Whilst I am up in Q helping my mom recover from her gallbladder surgery I thought I would reprise the book fair for you all, but it is enthralling entertainment.  Just think of this as boring posts for Thursday.
This is my view of the door to my library.  Notice the bulletin board?  We were having a book fair last week.

Looking the other way from my desk, one usually sees the magazine section with it's comfy chairs.

For the book fair I move the comfy chairs elsewhere.  I refer to this as my train car. Tickets anyone?

And here is the book fair.  Or was the book fair.  They showed up several hours early to collect it.  I was in the middle of sales when I got that call that the truck was there to get it.  Things were thrown into boxes with wild abandon.  Anyway, that is my library story for this month.

I am on spring break and I hope that the carpet is getting cleaned and the shelves dusted by my minions while I am gone.  If only I had minions for my house.


abroadermark said...

Hmmm...what can I say? Let's see... Well, I like the train car. And your library really and truly is beautiful!

How's your mama today?

Tami said...

I second that, the library is beautiful. But, how did the book fair go? With the early pick up, were your sales goals thwarted?

dandelionmom said...

I LOOOVE playing train!! and we can do it in the LIBRARY??? cooooolio!

I have minions at home! cute ones that do my bidding and entertain me as well.

SO glad mom is doing well...good luck slowing that lady down enough to heal!

Mary said...

I'm meant to be picking up Mom's pain meds, which she really doesn't need. So I ducked into Panera to play for a couple of minutes before I pick up the meds and a few groceries. I will stay in Q today and head back home tomorrow morning. Yay. Mom is doing great. Nothing slows her down. She told every nurse and hospital person who came in the story of her life before discharge today. My patience was wearing a little thin. My brother lives in town with her and has volunteered to check on her.

Mary said...

And I can't say I miss the library. Much. I will be glad not to see the book fair when I return and to undo the train car. The kids never had their tickets ready when I tried to collect them.

dandelionmom said...

WHOA! Now I am picturing you with a pocket watch and whistle! You must be the REBEL of the library! I bet that's why you had so many overdues last year-kids were afraid you would "punch their ticket" when they brought them in!

Amanda said...

I, too, love the train imagery lol. I laughed out loud!

I love to see where you work. Not boring at all. It all makes the life and times of Mary, all the more real when there are pictures to see :)

It sure is a large library, compared to the ones we had when I was at school.

Dawn Farias said...

I'd like some minions!