Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boring Posts for Saturday--Taking A Walk

It is that time again.  Saturday, when the world is lovely and free and who wants to read or write a blog post?  So it is okay just to be boring.  That's why I post Boring posts for Saturday.  If you have one, leave a comment.  I will come to visit.  Here's mine---

I like to take a 3 mile walk around my neighborhood.  It is quite a trek, but I find that it is a good way to pray and get exercise at the same time.  And I have some very interesting neighbors.

Take this one for example.  There really are some horses in the backyard, but  I have yet to see the Attack Cow.
And this picture was taken in March.  I find the Christmas wreath and icicles to be a nice touch.  I wonder if it is just going to be a year round thing?

This one has the famous St Louis flamingoes and a nice nod to the smoke free bars and restaurants that will be in our county in a year or so.  There was a lag time after we voted that in.

All in all I live in a neighborhood where people aren't afraid to display their finery for all to enjoy.  And I do as I walk around the neighborhood. Which I hope to do today.  If I remember the camera, I will show you on some other boring Saturday.

If you have a boring post, leave a comment. I will stroll around ans see it.


Dawn Farias said...

That was a fun post!

Tami said...

Mr. Nomad & I always tease about the pink flamingos. Maybe I should pick up a few. I'm sure it would get my neighbors talking. But then again, that would be better than the friend of the neighbor who parks out front daily. He has a very nice topless girl picture, with handcuffs hanging from his rearview mirror. Can you top that one Mary?

abroadermark said...

I'm getting some of those pink flamingos too. Like about 100 of them. And I'm going to put them along the property line on the Grumpy Neighbor side of the house. And I'm going to laugh my head off every time she walks past them. Oh, and we're going to get some garden gnomes too. And Old Man just mentioned the possibility of finding a couple of gargoyles to add to the display. I wonder where that guy got the handcuffs and topless girl picture, Tami? Maybe we could hang something like that in our bedroom window - the one that faces the door Grumpy Neighbor usually comes in and out of. Heehee...

Ha! Maybe I should have put this under Sunday's post, as a prayer request. :D

Mary said...

Old Woman, you are letting Grumpy Neighbor have all the graces from the sacrifices she makes instead of offering up some yourself.
In the Lou there is a prank where people come and put flamingoes in people's yards.
My hubby always threatens to get me a goose. Do you have dressed geese? They aren't as popular as they once were.