Wednesday, March 10, 2010

101 Wednesday--Receive the Holy Spirit

Dawn at No Heavy Lifting hosts this feature to encourage thoughts on matters of faith.

Acts 1:8 "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you shall be my witnesses to the ends of the earth."  That was the spiritual 'bon bon' I pulled out of the container the other day.  Coincidentally, I was working on a talk about Charismatic prayer.  On the one hand, this little quote took my breath away because it seemed such a clear word from God about what I was working on.

On the other hand the quote was just a reminder of a scripture that I have read and pondered many times.  That scripture had been in the running when I was birthing the old blog.  I thought it might be off putting to some people if I put that mission statement right out there and it might be too much to live up to for me.
I have always pondered the witness thing.  How am I witnessing, what is my witness?  I fall short as a witness for the saving power of the Gospel too many times. I do a lot of "tsk, tsk-ing" to myself over that. 

But this time as I read that quote the part that jumped out at me was--'you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.'  I received power when the Holy Spirit came upon me.  I can remember when that happened to me for the first time and I can look back and wonder at the power I received to do things I would not have done.  The great thing about it all is that the power isn't a one time thing and then it is done.  Whenever I am willing to receive it, that power of the Holy Spirit is right there to help me witness the gospel.  Sometimes even with words, but more often with my life.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit I have a desire to live the Gospel. I seek to live the Gospel and I will receive the power to do that through the Holy Spirit.

That call to witness what I have received is deeply ingrained in the mission statement of my life. It would seem that my little spiritual bon bon * was no accident.

(Spiritual bon bons--Bible verses copied and cut into strips.  These were left over from my December retreat.)


Tami said...

I am with you on the "it might be too much to live up to for me." It is a lot of pressure to proclaim yourself a Christian. You my dear live up to the title beautifully. Thank you for being a good mentor.

Dawn Farias said...

Spiritual bon bons.... that's a good one!