Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boring Post for Saturday--Bird Watching

It is that time again, time for boring posts for Saturday.  It is not necessary to try too hard to be interesting, just share what is on your mind today.  You are among friends.  Leave a comment so that we can find your blog.

Here's mine--

A true birder would laugh me out of the room.  I do have a friend who has a "life list" where she keeps track of all the birds she sees and when she sees them.  But, I am not one of those.
I started feeding the birds and then just kept at it.  At first I fed as much to the squirrels as to the birds themselves.  But I have a better feeder these days and the squirrels only get a little.
This is a snowbird, a junco, that only comes around in the winter.  I am not sure where they go in the summer.  They leave when the robins come back.

The blue jays were wiped out by the West Nile virus, but they are coming back.

My very favorites are the mockingbirds.  I put out suet in the winter for them.  We mostly get sparrows and mourning doves and I didn't get a picture of those.  Occasionally there are goldfinches and chick a dees.  In summer I have flowers that attract hummingbirds.  They like the cannas and the hardy athenas.

Thanks for watching the birds with me.

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Jackie said...

Nice birds! Birds everywhere

Dawn Farias said...

Well, I am impressed with how many birds you know. Even without a life list!

Here is my post for today. Have a nice weekend, Mary!

abroadermark said...

I'm impressed with how many birds you know too! I think I can recognize about three different kinds - unless you count ducks, geese, turkeys, and things like that. If you add them in, I might be able to name ten or so. Maybe you can teach me some bird names while you're teaching me how to cry properly. ;)

Mary said...

I have always watched birds, but I never made a sport of it. I am able to name most of the birds I see. Unfortunately, bird varieties are dwindling.

And there is no "proper" way to cry. In fact there is nothing proper about crying at all. Sniveling, snot wrenching crying that makes you wish that you could lift up the lawn and crawl under it, that is what I am talking about. Crying ain't pretty. And it isn't for cowards either.

abroadermark said...

Ooooh...I LOVE the new look!!

Mary said...

Yes, this is free blogger templates. But it loads slow. I had a blue/green one with dandelions that I really liked, but when I tried it last night I couldn't post to it and I was ready to scream. Instead I went to bed and tried this again in the afternoon. This one worked, so I will try the dandelions some other time. The pink is a little too 'Barbie' for my taste, but it is pretty. (And Dandelionmom would have been jealous of the dandelions anyway, so why stir up trouble?)

Dawn Farias said...

It IS very pretty!