Friday, January 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes, Vol 49

Here are the 7 takes from this week, sponsored by Jen at the Conversion Diary.
  1. Back to school, back to work, sigh.  I enjoyed being home, but there is a lot to do at school.  I still have $2,000 to spend on books.  I hope to have the money gone by the end of the month.  My favorite part of being a librarian is buying books.  Reading books is fun too.  Writing out the overdues is the least favorite part.  Fixing the damaged books and putting away books are not fun, but not too bad.  It is fun to open the boxes of new books as they arrive and process them for use. Overall, I would say that I have the best job in the school.
  2. I have made headway on some cleaning and decorating projects.  My house is sooooo cluttered and out of date that I really must do something with it.  We refer to the living room as the "blue room" because it has blue furniture and blue carpet.  The plan, when we moved in more than 10 years ago, was to change out the carpet as soon as possible.  It is more than time to do that.  I don't need a house that will wow people, just a comfortable house that won't make people feel that they should take up a collection to help me out.
  3. Having finished teaming for a retreat in early December I have been feeling free and relaxed.  I have my Thursday nights free again.  For a while.  In late January I will again team with my faith formation leader partner and we will teach a little class  on Thursday nights for 5 weeks or so.  That should be fun.  I am also starting a 6 weeks with the Bible study with my women's group on Wednesdays (every other week) in January.  Then in February my Tuesday night prayer group has been asked to help in a Life in the Spirit Seminar at a neighboring parish.  That will go almost until Easter. And there is another little gig I was asked to do on prayer for a group in January and then another commitment for April. So all the free time I had imagined, has suddenly disappeared.  I am sure that some of the stuff I have been asked to do is beyond my area of expertise.  I am counting on the Holy Spirit to fill in the gaps for me.  But it is all done according to His purpose.
  4. After the "big Snowstorm" and cold weather and snow day on Thursday (and today), I'm dreaming of a green springtime.  All over the country we seem to be having unseasonably cold temperatures.  I am ready for the  January thaw around here.  As I have said over and over again, I live near the south, almost in the south, we aren't supposed to have northern weather.  If we wanted that we would all move to Chicago. (Which isn't a bad idea because they have a big lake and lots of snow moving equipment.)
  5. We packed up Christmas last weekend.  It isn't that I wouldn't want to still celebrate the season, or that I am tired of the decorations or the music or any part of Christmas.  I just don't have time once I am back to school.  I am too busy to enjoy it and too tired to think about putting it all away.  If I left it up after I went back to school it might still be there until Easter break.  Or summer.  And if I went that long, why not just keep it up all year round?
  6. My husband stayed home with me for the snow day on Thursday which was a buzz kill for all the fun I had planned.  Staying on the computer all day just doesn't cut it for my husband.  He likes to get things done and see me get things done.  He likes to be productive.  Today, though he goes back to work and I don't.  So this keyboard may be busy in one way or another.
  7. If you can be boring, or just like to read boring, join us for Boring Posts for Saturday tomorrow, right here at Hope Echoes.


Mary said...

Happy thoughts to Dawn, who bravely logged in at 13 on Conversion Diary for the Quick Takes.

Tami said...

Husbands have a way of not truly appreciating computer time. "You are on that thing again, " is an often heard comment from Mr. Nomad. I do however, greatly appreciate his task master abilities. A finished product around the house always brings great joy, or relief at least. ;)
Happy Snow Day Mary!

Mary said...

My husband spends a great deal of time on the computer. It is most of what he does all day at work, and some of what he does all night at home. He just thinks the blogging thing is silly and useless. Which is the way I feel about his music. But when we are both home, he would like to see me cleaning things out. It soothes him.

Dawn Farias said...

Ha! I thought of you when I saw that, too.

We also have a blue room that's name so because of blue carpet and a blue couch!

abroadermark said...

I've heard some wives are soothed by seeing their husband's clean things out. Maybe you guys ought to do a switch-a-roo at your house! ; )