Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick Takes, Volume 26

Here are the Quick Takes sponsored by Jen at the Conversion Diary--
I have shared the anticipation of my "virtual vacation" with you this week. If you went to any of my links you now know more about Columbia, Mo than you ever wanted to know. But, don't despair. I haven't finished with my virtual vacation yet. I will come back late in the day with the exciting conclusion.
Last week while the painters were stinking up my house I spent entirely too much time on the computer. I have a nice Inviting Ivory greatroom now. I also have the outlines of posts for the blog well into August. I plan what I am going to write about and post the title and a picture or a line and then I go back and fill in the post as time allows. This creates interest when I forget to go back and write or edit the actual post.
I am a compulsive daily poster. The reasons for this speak to my personality and to the time of life I am at. I don't have little kids. I end up with spare time. This is easy and cheap and organized. Which is not like the rest of my life which is difficult, costly and chaotic. One of the main reasons that I post daily is that I like blogs that post something, anything often. I get frustrated when people disappear into their own lives and don't give a "hello" once in a while, even though I understand why they do it. If I had kids at home, you would probably not even see me in the blogosphere. So, I do understand and forgive, but I like the regular posters.
My boy, Moose, got a promotion at work. In a few years he will be making more than I do. I am proud of him and happy for him. Now where is the girlfriend who will become the wife who will have my grandbabies? ( I didn't really say that.)
I was reflecting recently that when I started blogging I imagined that if I made blogging friends they would be empty nesters with few children because young people with lots of children wouldn't have anything in common with me and probably wouldn't like me. Well, maybe they don't, but I like some of them. The stories of their children and their frustrations are interesting to me. Like taking a vacation outside of my regular life.
Cool weather in July. I wonder how hot it will get in August to make up for this?
Still no high school poetry, it is hopeless with all the boxes in the room that is truly my junk room. But, the good news is--there is still time to write your Boring Post of Saturday. I've been on "vacation" all week what is your excuse?

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pearlsoftruth said...

I like blogs with regular postings too... even though I have become a little slack in that area, lol.

I have enjoyed your 7 QT Mary, thank you!