Saturday, June 6, 2009

Boring Posts for Saturday

Look what Dawn did for me? I wonder if she knew that the color blue/ green she used is my very favorite color? So, I would say this Boring Posts for Saturday thing is up and running. If I can figure out Mr. Linky maybe next week she says optimistically you may be able to link your post to this feature and we shall see if anyone else admits to being boring. If you are anxious to join the fun, leave a comment which will connect us to your blog and we will visit over there to read your boring post for Saturday.

I expect that it may start really slow. But I am actually shedding real tears right now because this is a wonderful affirmation. If I think about it too hard about it I will also laugh, because it is a wonderful affirmation of how boring I am, but live your strengths I always say. Live your strengths.

If I can get this going I will have to make a button for the side of the blog, oh, this is big, this is really big.


Dawn said...

Of course I knew it was your favorite color. I did my homework! I say make a button in your sidebar whether it gets going or not! I'll be doing my boring post today, too. I so laughed when you said "live your strengths". Keep that up and you'll be able to claim boringness no longer!

Dawn said...

You have a participant besides me! Check out Willa's blog.

OWL MOMMA said...

I'm playing too! Thanks for having me!

PS Dawn, HOW do I do the cool hyperlinks in the comment section?

OWL MOMMA said...

And no fair Mary, your post isn't boring at all... it's really quite exciting!

Marianne said...

If I wasn't so busy today I would join in and bore you all too. Maybe next week!

TL. said...

I tried one broing post.. :)

Dandelionmom said...

COOL idea! I am never bored though...nor do I find your posts boring...and linking to a truely boring post doesn't seem like the right spirit. LOL

Mary said...

O, play along, Dandelionmom. My point is that some Saturdays I would read ANYTHING because so many bloggers take the weekends off. So, I will read your posts and if you want to rant or talk about whatever, it will be interesting to me.

OWL MOMMA, it is pretty boring to talk about me and my favorite color and how happy I am. Very self involved.

Marianne, you never bore me. I'm with you on the fear of rattlesnakes.

TL you are moving to Chicago, one of my favorite towns! But I am fascinated to read about life in NYC, a place I have never been. (But, I have been to Paris!)

Dawn, you are a sweety. I have had 20 hits today which has never happened except for my unfortunate brush with fame as a 4th place honorable mention on a name that photo contest on the Pioneer Woman. LOL

(Won't Old Woman be surprised when she comes back from the Big Apple?)
And Amanda? Saturday is over in Australia.

pearlsoftruth said...

LOL, I love the unity and fun that I see building around this new venture of yours Mary! It already seems like a hit to me :)

I did miss out on the first Boring Saturday but, I am sure I can be counted on for the next one! Sadly, I don't think I will have to try too hard, lol.